Today’s Headlines for Friday, August 10

  • After Trucker Killed Cyclist, Bike Advocates Call for More Side Guards (Sun-Times)
  • …Others Blame the Tragedy on Bottleneck Caused by Construction Site (CBS)
  • Driver Who Fatally Struck Lorenzo Bryant, 37, Wanted on Homicide Charges (Sun-Times)
  • Active Trans Releases Recommendations for Fixing Logan/Western
  • Curbed Checks Out the Car2Go Pilot
  • Fast Facts About the CTA (CBS)
  • Active Trans‘ Boulevard Lakefront Tour Is This Sunday

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  • Tooscrapps

    Re: Narrow roads around construction sites

    The new tower going up at the old GGP site is taking a full lane of Wacker (b/t Randolph & Washington), right to the striped line. Really looking forward to 1-2 years of being honked at for taking the whole lane on that block.

  • rduke

    This, if car drivers didn’t bully cyclists legally taking the lane for their own safety, narrow lanes wouldn’t be a problem. Gutter riding is an epidemic.

  • Anne A

    The huge number of building construction sites around the city right now (especially in high density areas along bike commute routes) creates a lot of major hazards for all of us. How many years will we be plagued with hundreds of blocked lanes, tons of huge trucks and other heavy equipment, etc.?

    It may be good for the local economy, but it sure isn’t good for bike safety or progress on Vision Zero.

  • planetshwoop

    It will end once interest rates go up. There will be a lot less building once it costs more to service the debt.

    I’m seriously scared of the concrete trucks… I stopped taking Milwaukee for awhile because of the Ozinga trucks headed to Grand Ave.