Today’s Headlines for Thursday, July 26

  • The City Is Interested in Working With Bike Lane Uprising to Keep Lanes Clear (Tribune)
  • City Council Votes to Close the Chicago Ave. Underpass to the LFT at Night (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Who Killed ALyssa Lendino, 16, While Doing 107 Charged With Homicide (Tribune)
  • NWU History Professor & Balbo Booster Debate Whether Street Should Be Renamed (WTTW)
  • You Can Hop a Wolverine Train to Kalamazoo or Detroit With an Unboxed Bike (WZKO)
  • Blackstone Bikes Is Hiring a Program Manager (The Chainlink)
  • 7/27 CCM Route Proposed to Highlight CPD’s Zero-Tolerance Bike Ticketing in POC Areas

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  • Courtney

    Hopefully the city will create a way for cyclists to text images to the city as opposed to signing up for a website.
    I would also like to see this done for cars and trucks that block bus stops. It happens far too often. I have written the CTA a few times about trucks that frequently load in the bus lane at the CVS at Damen & Lawrence.

  • Jeremy

    City would bury the data, though. This became any issue because people could see how little the mayor’s office was working.

    I do agree with you about signing up for the website. I never bothered to do it.

  • planetshwoop

    Call 911. It’s technically a crime in progress, and it’s logged A LOT more than 311 or emails.

    Also, I have had luck emailing the company who owns the trucks. Not always — i’ve been ignored plenty — but I have gotten responses. If it was persistent, I would call the customer service and complain.