Today’s Headlines for Monday, July 15

  • Speeding SUV Driver Killed Man, 64, at Fullerton/Laramie in Cragin (Sun-Times)
  • 6 Injured in Bishop Ford Crash (Tribune)
  • Man Who Called a Stranger the N-Word Got Punched Onto Blue Line Tracks (Sun-Times)
  • O’Hare Express Contractor Musk Baselessly Called a Thailand Cave Rescuer a “Pedo” (WaPo)
  • How Community Organizations Are Using Active Trans Bus Advocacy Grants
  • Active Trans: To Succeed, Chicago’s Dockless Bike-Share Pilot Needs More Cycles
  • Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community Works to Improve Walkability (Active Trans)
  • Irving Park Stop’s Pulaski Entrance Will Be Closed for Staircase Construction (Block Club)
  • An SBC Reader Is Selling “Milwaukee Avenue: Honorary Hipster Highway” T-Shirts via Threadless

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  • planetshwoop

    Ok, a bit of a rant about the Irving Park Blue Line.

    First, that escalator has been a steaming pile of garbage for a long, long time. It’s was very frequently broken, and it kind of looked like the jaws of death. So it would be down for months, and then it would appear to work for a bit, only to be broken again. A total waste.

    The Irving Park Blue Line station is a great case study of how to do transit poorly and make people hate it. Even after the purported “enhancements” at the station — some lights and new paint, mostly — it’s still a train wreck of a station.

    How bad is it? Let me count the ways:
    – There is no elevator and it is elevated at the highway level, so one has to navigate stairs or (usually broken) escalators to get up to enjoy scenic views of congestion on the Kennedy.
    – The staircase (to come down) is extra-ordinarily narrow. It has giant walls that do a great job of collecting puddles and making a mess.
    – The Blue Line isn’t coordinated with the Metra (like it is at Jeff Park) and the UP blocked at-grade crossings at the Irving Park stop so not only is it really hard to transfer between the two, it requires an extra-ordinarily long way around and crossing a highway on-ramp, which is murderous.
    – Divvy isn’t at the main entrance to the station, it’s conveniently across an expressway on-ramp.

    I could go on. (Pigeon poop! Cars blocking the bus! The train doesn’t stop at the entrance/exit, but in the middle so that you *always* have to run to catch the train)

    Arena has at least worked to repaint the area and explain what’s happening with the escalator. But I feel that the whole design of the station is so completely and terribly awful — that’s the case for most of the Blue Line extension after Logan Square — that a little remodeling here or there is not going to change that making peds act like cars to get to a train station is terrible, miserable transit design. I know there’s no money, but a total rethink is required.