Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 22

  • Tribune: Housing Funds Have Mostly Been Steered Away From Gentrifying Neighborhoods
  • Emanuel Proposes Subsidized Loans for Multiunit Buildings With 20% Affordable Units (WBEZ)
  • Remembering Diana Lampsa, 66, Killed Wednesday by Driver Fleeing Police (Tribune)
  • Flooding Halts CTA Yellow Line Trains (CBS)
  • Mundelein Gets Ready for $90K Storage Units Called “Garage Condominiums” (Tribune)
  • How Businesses Benefit When Employees Bike to Work (Active Trans)
  • Curbed Checks Out the Mellow Chicago Bike Map
  • How to Explore NW Indiana Breweries by Bike and Train (Chicago Reader)
  • Upcoming Bike Events in Albany Park, Logan Square, Bronzeville, and Riverdale (Active Trans)
  • Bike Tour of “Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains” With Author Greg Borzo on 8/12 at History Museum

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  • Kevin M

    This Tribune article speaks to a very meaningful issue that SB has touched upon, but which otherwise gets over looked quite often in modern transportation news: the privatization of public transit:

    And I’ll add that the trend to privatize public transit seems in lock-step with other privatization movements, such as with education, utilities, and other transportation modes.

  • Kevin M

    And another Friday news story not to be missed, TOD ordinance expanding to bus routes:

  • what_eva

    I feel like they need to be careful about this. Allowing higher density on the arterials themselves seems fine, but adding 2 blocks in either direction on side streets would be a major change in some of those neighborhoods.

    If we had some BRT routes and were looking to treat those spaced-out stops like train stops, it’d be one thing. But a regular stop-every-block route is a bit of a different thing.

    eg, Western. 1/4 mile from every stop means that pretty much all of Oakley and Campbell would be covered, for most of the length of the city (depending on whether they count just 49 or also count 49B). That’s a lot of blocks that in many areas are SFH’s and shouldn’t really be TOD targets.

  • CIAC

    Yes, our economy is based on capitalism. This is not the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s. When there’s a market for transportation services there will be companies that tap into it. That’s good, not bad. A large portion of the people who complain about “privatization” are associated with public employee unions and have that interest, but they rarely couch it as such.

  • Jeremy

    It depends if we only view TOD as greater than 6 unit buildings. A three flat with only a two car garage is a TOD.