Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, May 30

  • Huge CTA ‘L’ Car Deal Hits Snag in Washington (Crain’s)
  • Moreno, Who Backed DoBi & Car2Go, Proposes Electric Scooter-Share Licensing (Sun-Times)
  • Mayoral Candidate Bridget Gainer Has Racked up a Traffic Ticket Every 10 Days (Sun-Times)
  • Blue Line Service Being Restored After Signal Problems at O’Hare (Sun-Times)
  • New Rail Track in Lake Forest Not Necessary, Metra Announces (Tribune)
  • Rebellious Magazine Looks at Recent Chicago Bike Scene Developments
  • 2 Men Plan to Travel the Perimeter of Chicagoland Via Human Power. Great Idea! (Tribune)
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  • Kevin M

    The “New Track in Lake Forest” is a Metra story, not CTA.

  • rwy

    Another crash on Ridge Ave in Evanston. Everyone has their own idea of how to “fix” Ridge. For anyone walking east or west through Evanston, Ridge is the hardest street to cross. Proposals to widen the street will only make crossing it even harder.

  • Jeremy

    The other candidates (as of now, Bridget Gainer isn’t a candidate for mayor) also have a lot of tickets. Do regular folks get dozens of tickets, too? The state should start issuing different license plates to drivers who get too many tickets. That way everyone will know they are dangerous.

    Gainer also doesn’t pay her property taxes on time.

  • TonyAB

    It takes some dedication to rack up that many tickets / fines / camera alerts. I guess we should appreciate them helping balance the city’s books.