Today’s Headlines for Monday, May 14

  • New CTA Stop, Covered Metra Tracks Planned for South Loop Rezkoville Site (Curbed)
  • 1 Dead, 2 Critically Injured After Jeep Driver Crashes Into Pole in South Loop (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Fatally Struck Rafal Ryndak, 28, on His Bike in Barrington Hills (CBS)
  • Transformer Fire on Saturday Halted Travel To and From the Sheridan Stop (CBS)
  • Drivers Who Parked Illegally by Metra’s 95th/Wood Stop Got Cars Clipped by Train (CBS)
  • Art Imitates The Onion: “Chicago Gun Share Program” Station Set up in Daley Plaza (CNN)
  • 2 Soaring Towers Planned for Long-Languishing Chicago Spire Site (Tribune)
  • Letter: Ban Bikes From the Chicago Riverwalk (Tribune)

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  • Kevin

    I actually agree with banning bikes from the riverwalk, but is it possible? My understanding is that the project was funded as a “bikeway” using CMAQ funding

  • planetshwoop

    An easier solution would be to give over 1 lane of Wacker for bikes, skateboards and segways. Since there is already a lower and upper wacker, there’s plenty of space.

    I find riding a bike on most of the Riverwalk inpractical, but Wacker could use a road diet.

  • Cameron Puetz

    For the most part ridding on the Riverwalk is impractical, but the less crowded eastern end is an important link between the LFP and downtown. It would be nice if the Riverwalk to the hole in the fence by the auto pound to Field Blvd route was recognized as an official route and had some signage.

  • Tooscrapps

    Aren’t segways banned anyway?

  • planetshwoop

    Agree! That is the most practical part!

  • planetshwoop

    Segways are nothing. The motorized skateboards are awful.

  • rohmen

    Upper Wacker has to be one of the most congested streets in the loop at evening rush hour and during the rest of the day. I say this as someone who is generally all for road diets—a road diet on Wacker would be unbearable and push traffic onto streets that can’t handle the overflow. I blame ride-share, and it’s only going to get worse in these sections of the loop.

    So, I’d imagine any plan like this would require giving over a lane of Lower Wacker, and it’s not exactly pleasant down there.

  • planetshwoop

    I know this data is 12 years old, but am I reading the counts as being mostly under the traffic calming threshold?

  • Anne A

    On Sunday, I saw all kinds of stupid parking-related behavior in Beverly near the start/finish for the breast cancer. The geniuses parking next to the Metra tracks like that rail was a curb really take the cake. ;)

  • rohmen

    I think the data has changed for at least sections, and I blame rideshare (and think it’s a road where you can really see the impact rideshare has had).

    The East-West portion of Wacker is a total mess at evening rush. It’s almost unbearable, and I couldn’t even imagine cycling on that section. Meanwhile, I’m sure lower Wacker (and some other decent alternatives) sit largely unused, as rideshare driver’s GPS (anecdotal, but I’ve witnessed it enough to believe it myself) almost always puts you on Wacker if you get picked up in the loop and are heading anywhere near Michigan Ave or River North.

    The North-South portion runs a lot better, and could probably have a lane shaved and still function well, though the loop period is straining I think under the rideshare crush.