Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, April 25

  • Driver Who Killed Motorist Charles Siebel, 49, While Street Racing Gets 2.5 Years (Tribune)
  • Romeoville Mayor Accused of Threatening Police During Booking for Alleged DUI (Tribune)
  • West Side Residents Ask City Council for Stronger “Anti-Gang Loitering” Ordinance (Sun-Times)
  • 384 Mixed-Income Apartments, 547 Car Spots Planned for Douglas Park (Curbed)
  • Letter: Metra’s Request for Riders to Help Police the Collection of Fares is Unreasonable (Tribune)
  • How Divvy Bikes Get Delivered to Stations and Rebalanced (CBS)
  • Students Launch Bike Rental Company on NWU Campus (Daily Northwestern)
  • Swiss Tourism Board Sponsoring Free Bike-Share Rides in Chicago and 3 Other Cities (Bicycling)

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  • rohmen

    On the anti-gang loitering points, unless you’ve taken a trip west on Madison at around midnight on a warm summer’s night, or been around some of the parks on the west side, it’s probably hard to imagine for many how much of an issue this really is.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say its fairly common to see groups of over 50 to 100 pretty much partying in the parks and vacant lots in the areas discussed. It’s crazy. Residents have to feel pretty powerless against it all, which is a shame.

  • ohsweetnothing

    It happens on the south side a lot too. Especially in/around parks that abut vacant land that was former CHA towers.

  • Anne A

    Friends in North Lawndale have mentioned similar issues. I’ve sometimes witnessed it when visiting. From what I’ve heard, this was a major factor in the Rekia Boyd shooting.