Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, April 3

  • Active Trans, MPC, ELPC, FOTP, Chambers of Commerce Call for Bus Lanes on LSD (Crain’s)
  • Pickup Driver Fatally Struck Novotise Robinson, 45, in Zion (Sun-Times)
  • DUI Charges in Chicago Heights Crash That Killed Mariah K. Howard, 20 (Sun-Times)
  • Woman Attacks Stranger on CTA Bus on North Michigan Avenue (Tribune)
  • Authorities Tracked Down Suspect in Blue Line Mugging Via Ventra Card Info (Tribune)
  • Metra Plans to End Online Ticket Sales This Summer as a Cost-Saving Measure (NBC)
  • Tribune: Broken Credit Card System at Metra Stations Costing Naperville Money
  • Niles Approves Study for Possible Metra Stop on MDN Line (Tribune)
  • Planet Bike Awards Grant to CDOT Bicycling Ambassadors (BRAIN)
  • Naperville City Council Considers Pedal Pub Legislation Today (Tribune)
  • John Discusses Lima Bikeways, CTA Cleaning Protocol & the Trump Budget (WGN)

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  • Nice letter by Active Trans for dedicated transit lanes on the future LSD.Having lots of co-signers is a good way to go. Would they accept Streetsblog as a co-signer.

    LSD should be built as if it were going to support dedicated lanes for transit. Then future planners can decided whether to allow cars to congest these lanes or not. But at least build it now to allow that choice to future generations.

    Also have they asked other Chambers of Commerce to support transit only lanes? Like the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce etc. How about alders?

    How about the CTA? Is it allowed to take an official view?

    How about bus riders? Are their bus rider organizations? Of course, bus riders are biased, but then so are car drivers.

    But is this a decision that should even be open to democratic process? Shouldn’t experts decide what is best because majorities are often uneducated enough to understand. So in that case shouldn’t it be our experts against their experts?

  • Jeremy

    I would prefer to see LSD lose a lane in each direction, with no dedicated bus lanes. That would create more green space and be more environmentally friendly & aesthetically pleasing. I don’t think LSD should be designed based on peak usage, which only amounts to 10-15 hours a week. Just my 2 cents.