Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, March 21

  • Pritzker, Who Voiced Support for Sustainable Transportation, Wins Nominations (Tribune)
  • Boring Company & O’Hare Xpress LLC Are the Finalists for O’Hare Express RFP (Tribune)
  • Committee Expected to Approve Point-to-Point Car-Share Ordinance This Week (Sun-Times)
  • Tribune Editorial Lays Equal Blame on Drivers and Pedestrians for Rise in Fatalities
  • Driver Rear-Ends CTA Bus in Englewood, Injuring 10 People (NBC)
  • $2.95M Overhaul of LaSalle Metra Station Begins Next Week (Progressive Railroading)
  • Metra’s BNSF Line Will Be the First to Get Positive Train Control (WLS)
  • New Hyde Park Tower With 246 Units, 173 Spaces Ready to Rise (Curbed)
  • Active Trans Is Leading a New Push to Improve the Des Plaines River Trail
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  • Chicagoan

    The LaSalle Metra Station is an underrated Postmodern jewel!

  • Courtney

    I’m really interested in the car-2-go program but it doesn’t seem as if my neighborhood will have a pool of cars to choose from. I live in Rogers Park, for context. There is a Zipcar right next to my building but I am much more interested in a car getting me from home to somewhere and not necessarily needing it the rest of my day or evening. If this car-to-go is cheaper than Uber or Lyft I’ll definitely try it out. I hope they have a number of Priuses, Volts, Leafs, etc in order to up the sustainability aspect.

  • Cameron Puetz

    It would be really hard for free floating car share to use plugin electric vehicles, since they don’t have a home space to install the charging infrastructure in. Conventional fixed location car share would be better suited for plugins since their home spaces could be equipped with charging equipment.

  • Cameron Puetz

    The ward opt outs will kill free floating car share. Having the city be a confusing, patchwork of odd shapes areas with different rules will make the system too confusing. At a minimum the boundaries need to be something more logical and easier to remember than Ward boundaries. The boundaries need to be primarily straight lines, and should either be major streets, or landmarks like the river.

  • Courtney

    Eh, thinking more expansively: if we had charging stations on the street just like we have parking meters on the street, we COULD have a free floating car share that utilized plug-in electric vehicles. There’s no reason why the city can’t allow charging stations to be constructed on city streets. They could also be used by the general public as a way for the car sharing company to make a bit of additional revenue AND get good PR from electric car owners.

  • Anne A

    You’re joking, right?

  • Charlie Short

    I could go on all day long about how much I hate the aldermanic system, but this kind on nonsense is where I’d start. Their ability to approve and disapprove things block to block and business by business is what gives them all of their power and is one of the major road blocks (not the only one, but a big one) to real progress in Chicago.

  • Michelle Stenzel

    It is beyond ludicrous that an alderperson can unilaterally deprive their ward’s constituents from being allowed to make use of a new transportation option that will be available to the rest of the city’s residents. The unilateral ban will affect businesses in these wards, too: Car share participants who can’t use this option to patronize restaurants and theaters in the wards of Smith, Waguespack and Tunney will have one more reason to take their money elsewhere.