Today’s Headlines for Monday, March 19

  • A Brief History of the Green Line South Branch (Tribune)
  • Bicycle Sharing System Proposed for Kankakee County (Daily Journal)
  • Notes from the American Public Transportation Association Legislative Conference (Mass Transit)
  • How Miami Could Learn From Chicago’s Public Transit System (Miami Herald)
  • Chicago Drivers Often Fail to Follow Crosswalk Rules (Sun-Times)
  • Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Tests After Pedestrian Death (Tribune)
  • Teens are Using Public Transit for The March for Our Lives protest (Curbed)

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  • Chicagoan

    If Berwyn & Cicero wanted to extend the Pink Line back to the old terminal, it couldn’t be that pricey, right? The ROW is still there. I think it’d be an economic boon for Berwyn.

  • david vartanoff

    Restoring the South Side Rapid Transit to Stony Island w/an intermodal transfer station to MED should be done ASAP. BTW the steel for it (what the Feds paid for and then CTA took down) is stacked up next to the ROW where it turns north.

  • Ellis Dorchester

    This will never happen, but hat if instead of following 63rd, the Green Line were extended North on Ingleside and then East along the Plaisance, with stops at 60th and Ellis and 60th and Dorchester. Since UC has money, maybe they would bury it under the Plaisance. Even with this indirect routing, UC campus would be 25-30 minutes from downtown by Green Line.

  • Cameron Puetz

    In the scheme of tunnel projects, burring tracks under the Plaisance would be relatively cheap. Since the Plaisance is mostly an open grassy strip, the tunnel could be a shallow cut and cover tunnel. Since it’s a grassy strip, surface restoration would be cheap compared to projects that require utility relocation and have to support a high traffic roadway.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Sadly, the “Chicago Drivers Often Fail to Follow Crosswalk Rules” opinion piece barely scratches the surface of our overly-aggressive car culture, given that so many Chicago drivers don’t obey stop signs or stop at red lights before turning right (when pedestrians are clearly indicated to have the right of way). And in my experience, the worst demographic of pedestrians darting into the street are people who just parked their cars and didn’t want to bother walking to the nearest crosswalk.

    The entire City’s transportation culture needs a massive overhaul.

  • rwy

    So whats the solution? Giving out tickets doesn’t seem to be that effective.

  • Carter O’Brien

    To say we do a very half-assed and inconsistent job of handing out tickets for traffic infractions would be the understatement of the century. Have your meter go over 10 minutes and you’ll be zinged, but outside of the automated camera intersections and speed zones, I’d say your odds are 99 to 1 in your favor that you won’t be caught for speeding, reckless driving, ignoring stop signs, etc.

    That said, CPD eased back on their traffic enforcement due to budget realities (ticket revenue does not break us even by a long shot), so education in the schools and better intersection design would be my thoughts.

  • Kevin M

    I always thought that CPD lacked the incentive to write tickets because the revenue goes to the City’s general funds and not to (or shared with) CPD. I think this is unlike how it is with the suburban police districts–which collect some of the revenue from the tickets they issue.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Could be a part of it. There is certainly a positive relationship that has been seen when police departments are allowed to keep confiscated money, vehicles, etc. (in that case it can backfire, as people get legitimate assets seized and then can face a very uphill battle as they try to get them back).

    When I first got my license in Chicago, which was followed in very short order with a moving violation, the cop leading the all-day educational training you had to go to was very clear that there were quotas for tickets. His specific advice was “watch yourself towards the end of the month, because that’s when guys who haven’t written many tickets suddenly realize they need to write a whole lot of them, and real fast.”

  • Carter O’Brien