Today’s Headlines for Monday, February 26

  • $8.5B O’Hare Expansion Proposal Would Nearly Double Airport’s Size (Tribune)
  • Metra Ridership Fell 4.4 Percent Over Last 4 Years, Railroad Is Buying Locomotives (Tribune)
  • While Rahm Fixates on O’Hare Express, Blue Line Overcrowding Needs to Be Addressed (Tribune)
  • CTA Ironworker and Foreman Tommy Gardiner Killed in Car Crash (Sun-Times)
  • Red Line Passengers Tackle Man Who Attacked Pregnant Train Operator (Sun-Times)
  • Video Footage Leads to Arrest After Woman Knocked Unconscious, Robbed on Blue Line (Tribune)
  • Neo-Nazis Attempt to Hang Anti-Immigration Banner from 1-290 Overpass in Oak Park (CBS)
  • Lake Forest Officials Criticized for Paying $200K to Lobby for Amtrak Station (Tribune)
  • Transit Workers Teach “Be Safe on the CTA” Classes in CPS Schools (Tribune)
  • Merchandise Mart Owners Want to Project Art (and Ads?) Onto Building (Tribune)
  • Tollway Chair Speaks at City Club Today at 12:15 — Watch Livestream Here
  • Critical Mass Art Show Takes Place the Last Weekend in March in Garfield Park (Chainlink)

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  • Tooscrapps

    I-290* not 294 goes through Oak Park.

  • Tooscrapps

    Rahm’s push for the O’Hare Express makes a bit more sense given this:

    In it’s current form, still a poor idea though.

  • Kevin M

    Re: your headline title, “(and Ads?)

    From the article:
    “One key, though, is that it will not become a billboard, he said:
    “There’ll be no advertising, no commercial, nothing. Just pure art.”

    Still, I’m no fan of this plan. Forcing large, illuminated graphics upon the public and calling it “art” is an abuse of the public way. The same City Council that frets over street musician music (also known as “art”) is hypocritical in its presumed support of this.

  • Kevin M
  • Anne A

    One of the problems on the blue line is that the busiest stops need more exits. At Damen, it can be quite a wait to get out of the station.

  • Kevin M

    Agreed, and same goes for the California and Belmont stations.

  • Chicagoan

    The Western Brown Line station has similar issues, it’s a crawl to simply get off the platform on Kimball-bound evening rush hour trains.

  • david vartanoff

    Blue Line needs longer trains–that means extending platforms for 10 cars.

  • Carter O’Brien

    I would like to see all of this energy for a Blue Line “express” re-directed towards making all Blue Line stations ADA accessible. The Belmont stop’s main escalator has been out of service for weeks. It’s genuinely painful watching my elderly neighbors and people with injuries struggling to go up and down those stairs.

  • Cameron Puetz

    Wasn’t that supposed to be part of the “Your New Blue” project?

  • Carter O’Brien

    Belmont is notably absent, although they will be doing some work on the Kimball subway itself:

  • Deni

    There was a part of the article about O’Hare expansion that cracked me up, selling the idea of airlines like Delta moving to Terminal 5 will be so awesome for them and “they love that” then in the very next sentence about how United sending their international connecting passengers over there is such a “pain in the ass.”

    Any airlines that are getting shoved over to terminal 5 should demand a new L stop at the terminal. It’s something I’ve been wanting them to do for years. It sucks going to catch an international flight on the Blue Line, then having to get on the people mover to get over there. After you just went right past the international terminal on the train on the way there.