Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 1

  • Metra Fare Hikes Begin Today, Service Cuts Start Monday (WGN, CBS)
  • Fill Out a Survey on Potential Metra Fare Structure Changes, Get Open House Info Here (Metra)
  • Updated Plans for Jackson Park Golf Course Presented, Including Removal of Marquette (Tribune)
  • Mary Ann Neil, 68, Who Died in Park Ridge Crash Had Fostered 39 Children (Tribune)
  • Motorists Drive on Jackson Park Bike-Ped Paths to Detour Around Crash on LSD (WGN)
  • West Loopers Worry About the Impact of 50-Story Residential Towers on Traffic, Parking (Tribune)
  • Chicago Cyclist Claire Curley Discusses Women’s Bike Issues (Rebellious)
  • Strava Map Shows Chicago’s Most Popular Biking, Running Routes (for Strava Users) (Curbed)
  • The GM of the Chicago Auto Show Isn’t Worried About the Rise of Driverless Cars (Tribune)

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  • Don’t people semi-routinely drive on the the trails to get around LSD accidents in Jackson and Burnham parks?

  • OK, let’s for the moment disregard the enormous safety issue. The number of drivers in even that brief video who get stuck because they can’t successfully navigate trail asphalt makes makes this seem like such an obviously bad solution in the interest of SAVING time. Why did anyone think this was a good idea?

  • Tooscrapps

    If they do, they shouldn’t. Obviously, bollards need to be erected and that bus driver should be fired.