Today’s Headlines for Monday, January 22

  • Ride-Hailing Helped Cause Double-Digit Drops in Weekend ‘L’ Train Ridership (Crain’s)
  • Would Landing the Amazon HQ Cause Mass Displacement in Chicago? (Tribune)
  • Cultural Landscape Foundation: The Obama Center Would Destroy Jackson Park (Dezeen)
  • CTA Bus Driver Struck Woman in 100 Block of West Division in Old Town (Sun-Times)
  • Man Charged With Arson, Battery After Setting Fire on Red Line Train at Argyle (Tribune)
  • Red Light Cams Will Be Installed at Michigan/Ontario and Michigan/Jackson (Tribune)
  • Parking Ban on Halsted in Boystown Late at Night on Weekends to Prevent “Car Parties” (CWB)
  • Metra Issues Reminder About Fare Hikes and Service Cuts (NBC)
  • City Will Use Lot Next to Lawrence Stop for Staging Equipment During Rehab (Curbed)
  • Reilly Proposes Ordinance to Ban Live or Broadcasted Music on the Riverwalk (Tribune)
  • Lindsay Bayley Discusses the Milwaukee Avenue Redesign in Wicker Park (Strong Towns)
  • Meeting on Milwaukee Reconstruction in Logan 1/30, 5:30 PM at Logandale School (Active Trans)

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  • Re: the parking ban extensions on Halsted.

    “Essentially, the problem is people loitering or ‘hanging out’ without
    any reasonable purpose,” Town Hall Police Commander Marc Buslik said
    today. “[They’re not] patronizing the businesses or visiting residents.”

    So having fun is not a reasonable purpose? As for the resident neighbors of the area and their complaints, well excuse me for less than complete sympathy. It is border-line like residents of the French Quarter in New Orleans complaining about Mardi Gras. OK OK not like that.

    As for transit I suppose the ban helps buses move. But it also makes life easier for ride-hailing.

    Now on to rampant lack of sophistication by the alderman: “Tunney said the 11 p.m. start was designed to minimize the impact on
    Boystown restaurants as well as to honor the city’s parking meter

    Sorry but the contract is dollar based not parking space based. He could put fewer meters that charged more just around the corners on side streets if that was his only concern.

  • Courtney

    More bus-only lanes and strong enforcement of those lanes can help entice riders back to the CTA, along with beefing up weekend service. I realize ridership isn’t as strong on the weekends compared to morning and evening rush hour but when it’s 2 or 3am no one wants to wait 15-20 minutes for a train. I’ll continue to use Lyft sparingly and I hope the tax on the rides can assist CTA with maintaining AND improving service.

  • Chicagoan

    ‘Cultural Landscape Foundation: The Obama Center Would Destroy Jackson Park’…

    If well designed, no it won’t.

  • Carter O’Brien

    I didn’t save it, but in a recent 44th ward newsletter they noted that the parking ban was to address the frequent traffic holdups caused by ride share pickups and dropoffs, with the implication that the City might as well formerly treat the stretch as a taxi loading zone. Interesting that the CWB author who attended that recent meeting had a very different takeaway.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Agreed – and absolutely nobody wants to wait 15 – 20 minutes for a bus at that hour, especially when its cold.

  • Cameron Puetz

    It’s not even a 2 or 3 am problem. There are bus routes with 19 minute scheduled headways at noon on a Sunday. The wait for a bus could be longer than the entire trip on a rideshare.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    You also have to consider a lot of trips involve multiple bus routes, or train/bus combos, or a decent amount of walking in either end its no surprise people are willing to pay a few extra dollars to cut their travel time in half or more.

  • Yeah, I thought I read that somewhere as well.

  • Courtney

    Yeah, I definitely take ride share more in the winter. I try to limit my use in the summer because the weather is great (IMO) and only use it for trips that cut my travel time in half or more.

  • rwy

    I like the design. They got rid of the part of the part that I found objectionable. The fact that Cornell Dr will no longer cut off the western part of the park from the rest is awesome.

  • rwy

    That assumes that you live by one the Red Line, Blue Line, or one of the night owl buses.

    Given the budget problems, I don’t see more off peak service.

  • Jacob Wilson

    “So having fun is not a reasonable purpose?”

    If you’re black or brown in Boystown, no. At least that’s the mindset of many of the whiter, wealthier residents.

    That said I always cringe when I see people drinking in/around cars because you know that 99% of the time the driver is not abstaining and even if they are a car full of drunk friends is about the most distracted driving I can imagine.

  • what_eva

    That CWB article about the Halsted parking ban is from August…

  • Carter O’Brien

    To Jeff’s point about New Orleans, the problem is that the homeowners who move in to the area don’t understand that Mardi Gras culture, and by the time they figure it out it’s too late too do much except complain about it. I grew up nearby and spent a healthy amount of my teenage weekends in and around that neighborhood and the night life has always been a sticking point. When I was a teenager Medusa’s was the whipping boy of the alderman and the homeowners, because after hours kids did indeed just go and hang out on the street and in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. Were we causing a huge problem? Most weren’t, but there were certainly plenty of fights, especially when CASH (Nazi skinheads) tried to establish themself on the scene, but there were then, and still are, a Gangster Disiciple branch that claims that turf in order to deal drugs around that neighborhood, this isn’t imaginary stuff by a long shot.

    But what I tell people is like it or not, that is never going to change. Clark Street has ALWAYS been Chicago’s crazy magnet, it literally has been zoned for that purpose since the days of the Levee. And of course when you have Wrigley Field there it tends to make any kind of nightlife liberty infringement seem hypocritical at best, and racist at worst. That said, you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to recognize there is a longstanding problem with violent predators coming into that neighborhood to take advantage of the unknowing and inebriated. LSD and the Belmont L provide very easy in-and-out access, and CPD does not have staffing to adequately patrol the area. It would be helpful to see that actually addressed instead of swept under the rug, which is why you get this “Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown” group out there publicizing crime.

  • JKM13

    Its not that unusual for me to see a 15-20 minute wait for a blue line train as early as 6:45pm. Outside of rush hours, cta frequencies are terrible.