Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, December 6

  • More Than 175 Industry Reps Have Signed up for O’Hare Express Pre-Bid Conference (Sun-Times)
  • RTA’s Kirk Dillard: Without More State Funding, Train Delays Will Be an Increasing Problem (CBS)
  • Amtrak Wants to Add a Lake Bluff Stop to Milwaukee Service, Some Locals Are Opposed (DNS)
  • Metra Officials Discuss Strategies to Avoid Winter Train Delays (ABC)
  • Uptown Temple Is Being Converted to”The Synagogue” TOD With 32 Units, 21 Spots (Curbed)
  • Columbia Chronicle Talks With Local Leaders About the CTA Fare Hike
  • Chadwick Institute Looks at Divvy in Outlying Neighborhoods, Suburbs on 12/14, 12-1 PM
  • Working Bikes Holds a Kids’ Holiday Bike Sale With $5-10 Cycles on Saturday 12/16, 12-5 PM

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  • Great Amtrak is electrifying the tracks to Milwaukee. Oh wait, the third rail they are talking about is….

    Never mind.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    If they want to add another stop to the Hiawatha Line why not the north side of Chicago?

  • Kevin M

    I strongly agree! Current and potential north-side Hiawatha passengers don’t like adding 45 minutes (on each end of their trip) just to back-track to Union Station. How much would it cost to add a stop at, say, the Forest Glen or Mayfair stations–where there the Blue Line and 2 Metra connections are within 1 mile? The platforms are already built? What do you suppose is the cost hurdle and how does it possibly out-weigh the potential benefits?

  • david vartanoff

    Ah, yes, more homeowners who are unhappy that they chose to live near a railroad. God thing they don’t ever buy anything carried in freight trains.

  • ardecila

    I mean, you could take Metra to Glenview and change trains… I’ve done that before, it’s pretty reliable and doesn’t take you out of your way. Glenview’s station is an attractive (if sleepy) place to wait.

  • Kevin M

    Yes, I’ve considered that, but Glenview is still several stops away from other stations such as Forest Glen or Mayfair, which adds more travel time. But the biggest challenge with connecting at Glenview is that this requires the train times (between Metra and Amtrak) to line up conveniently on both ends of the trip. This Glenview transfer/connection option loses its attractiveness with anything beyond a 5-10 minute layover–which I think is more often the case.

  • planetshwoop

    A better idea would be for Metra to time its service to act as a feeder to Amtrak. If you can get on at Forest Glen, go to Glenview, and get on the Amtrak train 10 minutes later, that’s not too bad. That’s how it’s often set to work in Germany, and it’d be nice if that approach was considered for Amtrak too.

    I suspect the issue is more about other traffic of both the train and car variety. The Mayfair stop is just before the cross with UP-NW, so adding a stop means the traffic has to be re-worked (and how to handle delays, etc.) Forest Glen has roughly the same issue. Many of the metra trains will pull over in Morton Grove where there is the 3rd track so the Amtrak can fly by.

  • ardecila

    It’s not a bad transfer during peak times. Off peak, you might be waiting 20-40 minutes in Glenview but when compared to taking the Blue Line downtown, walking to Union Station and waiting in line to board, it still cancels out.

    Also, pro tip: Glenview has a Dunkin’ Donuts and a few pubs right around the station!

  • ardecila

    Germany has the advantage that both regional and commuter trains are run by the same operator (DB) and there is fully-integrated ticketing. It’s not so easy here, but they could start by publishing a schedule with both Metra and AMTRAK times so that travelers can plan.

  • And yes, another take on third rail as in political. But I’m with you as these homeowners were able to buy into a more expensive location generally because specifically there were train tracks near by. They made their bed and now they must lay in it.