Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 14

  • Emanuel’s Proposed Fee on Ride-Hailing to Fund CTA  Approved by Finance Committee (Tribune)
  • Midway Renovation Includes 1,500 Parking Spots, New Pedway to Orange Line Station (Curbed)
  • Suspect Charged in Hit-and-Run Crash in Bolingbrook That Killed Tricia Hoyt (ABC)
  • Police Officer Crashes on the Eisenhower While Pursuing Carjacking Suspects (CBS)
  • A Lane of the Dan Ryan Is Closed Until Sunday for 95th Station Construction (Sun-Times)
  • A Good Samaritan Helps Out After a CTA Riders Is Assaulted by a Stranger on the ‘L’ (ArkieLad)
  • Schwieterman Discusses Gaps in Intercity Bus & Rail at UTC Seminar on 11/16, 11:30 at 412 S. Peoria

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  • What happened to Monday the 14th’s Headlines?

  • I have always hated the existing Midway Orange Line, geeze “Pedway” sounds almost exciting, institutional hallway. You walk forever around several corners, through what you know is a parking garage, and then still have to go through a doorway. For starters the Orange Line station is on the wrong side of the “tracks”. I suppose that it made some kind of “train sense” to put it on the east side of the train yards and I suppose that it saved the CTA money to use the parking garage instead of building a bridge over all those tracks. But still if they did that to arriving automobile users, that is make them walk a block and a half just to get to the door of the Terminal, well it’s nuts to make CTA riders do it too!

  • what_eva

    I like the Keith Hering murals

  • Dennis McClendon

    The station was located there to allow extension of the Orange Line south to Ford City.

  • Oh. I thought it was there to allow easy access to Midway Airport. Seriously, though, it’s typical thoughtless design when it comes to user friendliness. I’m sure it was cheaper or they didn’t want to get in the way of a parking lot or some other minor issue.

  • Dennis McClendon

    You realize that only a small portion of riders at that station are accessing the nearby airport, right? Many, many more are transferring to and from buses.

  • Thanks. Hadn’t thought of that. My bad.