Today’s Headlines for Thursday, November 9

  • Pace Board Approves 25-Cent Fare Hike for 2018 (Tribune)
  • CDOT, Reilly Slam Burke and Beale’s Proposal to Fine Pedestrians for “Distracted Walking” (Tribune)
  • Emanuel: Allow Taxis to Charge Surge Pricing, Have Same Background Checks as Ride-Share (Tribune)
  • Driver Killed Latatia Shepard, 47, in 2nd Fatal Hit-and-Run in Zion in Less Than a Month (Sun-Times)
  • Bolingbrook Police Say They’ve IDed the Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Tricia Hoyt (ABC)
  • Family of Fallen Cyclist Lisa Schalk Is Suing Driver & Aldi, His Employer (Sun-Times)
  • Active Trans: West Side Leaders Want Safer Streets, More Infrastructure, Equitable Enforcement
  • The Tribune Talks With Cyclists About the Need for Guardrails Along Lakefront Trail
  • Elmhurst Kids Organize Bike Drive to Donate Cycles to CPS Bike Education Program (Herald)
  • Motorist Injured After Driving Around Warning Gates, Striking Pink Line Train in Cicero (CBS)

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  • Jeremy

    I would bet Amazon wouldn’t want their employees subjected to a law that penalized them for looking at their phones while walking.

  • rohmen

    If they want to do some sort of penalty enhancer on an (already illegal) jaywalking ticket for walking while distracted, I guess that’s one thing, but we’re apparently talking about fining people for allegedly not paying attention enough while they have the legal right of way in a cross walk. If people are driving right, “distracted walking” should never even be an issue.

  • Chicagoan

    Good reporting by CBS to not say something like ‘CTA Pink Line train hits car’, which I’ve seen to describe similar situations.

    In a collision between a CTA train and a car, it’s always the fault of the motorist.

  • rwy

    I don’t think jaywalking should be an offense. (The term itself is offensive.)

  • Carter O’Brien

    Yeah, I find this a bit laughable considering that CPD doesn’t really enforce moving violations for motorists.

    It would be better/more appropriate to have CDOT run a courtesy campaign similar to what the CTA has done. At least during rush hour and in the Loop, distracted walkers really are a drag. Maybe some kind of flashback photo could be found of a guy walking in the Loop while reading a newspaper circa 1987 to help people visualize why that kind of behavior used to be frowned on. Distracted people aren’t just slowing everyone down, they zig zag, make people step off of the curb and into each other, etc.

  • Deni

    Yep, a term coined by the auto industry, I believe in the 20s or so, to blame pedestrians for the crashes caused by motorists.

  • Fred

    Exactly how would you get someone with their head buried in their phone to view one of these ads?

  • Carter O’Brien

    It doesn’t work overnight, obviously. A lot of it comes down to establishing social norms. I’m saying it’s crummy behavior, like standing on the left of the escalator, not that it’s criminal and needs punitive measures.

  • FlamingoFresh

    It’s awareness which the majority of the population does not have anymore and a cellphone in the face makes it that much worse.

  • Carter O’Brien

    I would say a holistic solution would involve music education in every grade in the public schools – people don’t process information in 360 degrees any more IMO thanks to headphones, this was an early critique of the Sony Walkman back in the 80s, that was obviously just the tip of the iceberg fast forwarding to now. Martial arts training also builds situational awareness.

  • FlamingoFresh

    Music and participating in sports works on a lot of skill sets that one can’t get from everyday life.

  • Vooch