Today’s Headlines for Thursday, October 5

  • Emanuel Breaks Ground on “312 RiverRun Trail,” Starting With the Riverview Bridge (DNA)
  • Mayor Claims Growth of Ride-Sharing Industry Has Cost Chicago $40M in Lost Tax Revenue (Sun-Times)
  • State Budget Stalemate Led to 32% Increase in Metra Labor Costs to Maintain Aging Equipment (Tribune)
  • Cullerton & Madigan Are Pushing for State Revenue to Fund Infrastructure for Obama Center (Sun-Times)
  • Obama Foundation Website Has a New Page With Updates on the Presidential Center Plans
  • Can We Retrofit the Suburbs to Make Them Walkable and Transit-Friendly? (MPC)
  • E. Lakeview Chamber: Broadway Merchants Lost $1.5M During Seeming Endless Water Main Work (DNA)
  • CDOT Will Replace “Doghouse” Covers on Old Oak/Michigan Underpasses With Concrete (Sun-Times)
  • Guitarist Skip Haynes, Who Wrote “Lake Shore Drive,” Has Died, Wanted Ashes Spread Over LSD (DNA)
  • Touhy/Ridge/Rogers Ped Improvements Are Finally on the Way — Public Meeting 1o/11 (DNA)

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  • rwy

    Any chance the they would consider connecting the Channel Trail and the 312?

  • planetshwoop

    Well covered ground.

    That’s certainly in the ATA plan, but the issue is that the landowners between Montrose and Lawrence have docks built along the river and have, effectively, squatters’ rights. So it blocks the trail there, or effectively the connection.

    Ald. Mell tried to build a connection there because the neighborhood asked for it and then they massively complained once she did it.

    So the outlook is… not good. The Manor nhood will have a fight because ~20 VERY expensive homes have a dock that will be in conflict with extending the path. They won’t give that up easily, even if the land is legally public.

  • planetshwoop

    Uber and Lyft irk me so much. While the city saying they lost $40M relies upon some hand-waving about lost revenue, the extensive documentation about how they skirt requests, don’t share data, etc. etc. means the city likely has a point.

    More important, the quote from the Uber spokesperson (who I will be contacting the next time an Uber driver almost hits me and they don’t respond on Twitter) is especially frustrating. Uber portraying itself as “technology and innovation” is such BS. It’s a transport company. Uber is not a technology company like Google or IBM. I hope the aldermen start being more strict and regulating it like they do other transport companies–it’s worth the fight.

  • If I’m walking by one of those millionaire squatter “boat shacks” and they call the police what would the police do. (Assuming I’m not black).

    I suppose they would pour money into an opposition candidate who would make sure the police made my life miserable for a while even if I wasn’t charged with anything.

  • Jeremy

    Papa Johns and Pizza Hut have apps. I guess that makes them technology companies also.

  • planetshwoop

    Hmm. I don’t think they’re especially xenophobic (not in my experience anyway). I think it’s human nature if you have a boat dock to not want to give it up, esp. if you have had a boat dock for a long time and have a boat.

    When there was a large debate about building the extension of the North Branch trail a lot of residents complained about the use of public land for a trail being against the deed with which the FPDCC obtained the land. Fortunately, the FPDCC built a covenant into the contract that said “we might decide to build a trail in the future and you have to be cool with that” so it shut down the conversation. Not sure of the legal status here, but the land rights and traffic configuration of the Manor will make this difficult for some time.

  • 93xrt superfan

    Where does it say they are squatting?

  • rohmen

    Whether you want to refer to them as squatters or not, adverse possession is a real and valid legal concept.

    I don’t know if all of the property owners on the river have a valid adverse possession claim to the river banks they’ve used for docks, but I’d bet some of the claims (i.e., those that have the required 20 years) are likely solid enough that the City feels a court would have to decide the issue—and they’re likely not keen on bringing eviction challenges they may lose.

    In other words, the people who live up there certainly don’t agree with your assumption that they’re squatters, and neither may Illinois law as determined by a court.

  • rwy

    I feel like there are some changes that they could make in the area. Like putting in a 3 way stop sign at Lawrence and Manor with a left turn lane for bikes on westbound Lawrence. Or a contraflow bike lane on California from Montrose to Manor.

  • planetshwoop

    There’s a 33rd ward Transportation Advisory Comm. that is active and still meets. There is/was to be some calming at Manor/Lawrence because it is a very dangerous crossing.

    But after the failed experiment, I’m not hopeful that there will be too many accommodations for bicycles in this area soon. The houses aren’t willing to give up much parking, and it’s too commonly used as a cut-through.

    I’d read back through some of the previous streetsblog columns about this from last fall (if you aren’t familiar) and the comments. There was A LOT of discussion and activity.

  • planetshwoop

    Squatters was my term and I was just being lazy. I totally agree with you. I imagine there are valid claims that would have to be worked through.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    Is there actually anywhere to build a path there, I thought the land sloped down fairly steep there.

  • rwy

    Bummer. Do readers of this blog have favorite routes through this area?

  • planetshwoop

    The docks would block a “floating path” as is used in the other areas. It can be steep.

  • planetshwoop

    If I am headed to the Loop, I typically cross at Carmen and take the east side of the channel trail, hang a quick left on Lawrence, and then a quick right onto Virginia. I then take Virginia to Leland and that straight east towards Western.

    An alternate is to go down the Manor, and then cross the river at Wilson. Turn onto Virginia (just over the bridge) — it’s closed to cars but great for two wheels. The sidestreets there are quiet to get to points east. I will often take Sunnyside (past Waters) to other points east.

    If you are just trying to head N/S parallel to California, I don’t have a good recommendation. I like Monticello northbound from Elston but that’s a ways west of there.

  • The riparian rights that the city/state own as public trustees are not subject to adverse possession.

  • A floating path like downtown would be one of several approaches.

  • You mean besides you or I or anyone else who has a robust understanding of the English language.