Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, October 3

  • Hit-and-Run Driver Fatally Struck Steven T. Brown in Back of the Yards (Tribune)
  • Officials: Man Charged in Fatal Elgin Crash that Killed Wheaton Woman Was Doing 135 (Tribune)
  • Police: Female Pedestrian Knocked Unconscious After Crash With Cyclist on The 606 Near Damen (DNA)
  • Local Man Who Was Seriously Injured While Biking Cross-Country Plans to Resume His Trip (Tribune)
  • Metra, Amtrak, Safety Advocates Hold Day-Long Seminar on Anti-Suicide Strategies (
  • Residents Say New South Elgin Bridge Doesn’t Provide Sufficient Pedestrian Access (Tribune)
  • Lincoln Towing Says 464 Complaints Over Two Years A ‘Miniscule’ Number (DNA)
  • Lots of Events on the Lakefront Trail this Month (Active Trans)

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  • F. Hayek 69

    Bikes should be banned from the 606 trail. It is only for walkers and joggers. If you want to ride a bike, ride in the street. Bikes have the same rules of the road as cars, and you don’t see cars on the 606.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    “Bikes have the same rules of the road as cars, and you don’t see cars on the 606.” Exactly. By the same logic, let’s ban cyclists from the Lakefront Trail and all bike lanes.

    On the other hand, it’s extremely common to see motorists driving and parking in bike lanes, so I guess it must be OK for cyclists to use them too.

  • Jeremy

    The city’s official 606 web page specifically says bikes are allowed on the trail.

  • F. Hayek 69

    Now you reserve judgement? When it’s a car accident you always blame the driver.

  • Carter O’Brien

    You don’t see cars on the Lakefront Trail, either.

    But the main confusion here is that the 606 refers to the larger park system. The Bloomingdale Trail component is what drove the whole project, and the trail specifically received federal funding that is earmarked for transportation that gets people out of cars. So, the cyclists are there to stay.

  • Carter O’Brien

    I think the main problem I see is people who aren’t using it to either cycle, job or walk, but are up there to just kind of hang out and socialize. Although there are a few areas that are set aside for lingering, that’s not the primary function. Speed demons are the other main problem, it isn’t a bike highway, either.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    When you’re driving a multi-ton, high-speed vehicle that can easily kill other road users, your responsibility is that much greater to make sure you don’t hit anyone. The Netherlands sees it this way, which is why motorists are automatically held responsible for crashes with cyclists in that country, unless it can be proven that the bike rider was mostly to blame for the collision. That’s a contributing factor in why that country’s crash fatality rate is so much lower than ours.

  • F. Hayek 69

    Any pedestrian hit by a bike will also be injured with the possibility of death.

    This being the United States, there is a presumption of innocence, not a heavy handed state doling out punishment and blame while violating the rights of the accused.

  • Cameron Puetz

    The 606 has a split personality. It was funded as a transportation protect, but the community wanted it to be a park.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Wasn’t the case that some late-in-the-game fundraising by Emanuel opened the door to it being rebranded as a park?

    I’ve never seen a full accounting of how it was paid for, it would be interesting to see, especially now as online commenters are raging such wisdom as “well, however it was originally paid for is ancient history, the bikes are the problem!” The most productive way forward IMO is to continually remind people that the trail is a distinct entity from the pocket parks.

  • hopeyglass


    Good lord dude, why do you hang out here?

  • Carter O’Brien

    He loves the irony of complaining about a “heavy handed state” on an Internet we have only thanks to the US Government?