Eyes on the Street: PARK(ing) Day Celebration Takes over 3 Car Spots in Jefferson Park

Today a neighborhood organization in the Jefferson Park neighborhood is highlighting the fact that public space used for storing cars can also be put to more productive uses. Jefferson Park Forward is occupying three pull-in car parking spaces on West Veterans Place, a short street mainly used for car parking, immediately south of the Jefferson Park Transit Center. The event is going until 5 PM today, and is part of the international Park(ing) Day placemaking party with hundreds of demonstration events taking place around the world.

JPF wrote on their website why they’re participating:

Why do this? In part to show just how much of our community’s space is being taken up by the movement and storage of vehicles. In part to highlight issues of pedestrian safety and other users of the street.

45th Ward alder John Arena stopped by and posted his photo on Twitter. In related news, Arena said on Twitter that the new design for the transit center hasn’t been finalized by the CTA, and that Arena is providing them feedback on design. Arena said he would pass along JPF’s request that the overly large space devoted to buses be minimized.

Ryan Richter, founder and president of the group, sent us these photos.

What else do you think car-oriented space in Jefferson Park could be used for?Parking day in Jefferson Park Parking day in Jefferson Park Parking day in Jefferson Park


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