Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, August 22

  • Folks Who Rode Amtrak to Carbondale for Total Eclipse Avoided 15-Hour Drives Home (CBS, Tribune)
  • Driver Falls Asleep, Crashes Into Squad Car in Carol Stream (Sun-Times)
  • Pedestrian Bridge Over Fox River in Aurora Slated for 2018 Construction (Tribune)
  • Construction Underway on TOD Near UIC/Halsted Stop in Greektown (Curbed)
  • Could a New App Make Reporting Cars in Bike Lanes Easier? (The Chainlink)
  • Burglar Climbs 10-Foot-High Fence to Steal $1K Bike in Ranch Triangle (DNA)
  • Chicago Theater Ride on September 9 Honors Actress and Fallen Cyclist Molly Glynn
  • CDOT Will Outline Plans for Pedestrianizing Cornell at Open Houses Wednesday & Thursday (DNA)

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  • Courtney

    Yeah, getting home from the Carbondale area was exhausting. If only Amtrak had had more capacity to get folks to and from Carbondale and the trains were high-speed.

  • We lucked out as we choose to stop short of Carbondale, West Frankfort actually, some no fame town, yet still at the two minute mark for totality. Left immediately when 99% returned, got on I-57 about 1:45pm and flew home with no issues in five hours.

    Going down Sunday afternoon took us six and a half hours. We got one of the last rooms six weeks ahead way north in Mt Vernon. Then about an hour drive more the next morning to West Frankfort. I was kinda surprised that places right on the Interstate like West Frankfort weren’t crowded themselves. We went to the community park for a relaxing time there with mostly locals. There were a decent number of out of state licenses. The park was nice but we had brought lawn chairs and could have just parked in front of a lot of houses and set up. It was very quiet and you could tell every one was becoming awe inspired as the eclipse deepened.

    What surprised me was that 99.9% totality was still pretty daylight bright and 100% totality came on so fast.

  • Matt

    That *was* my plan too, but I was not the driver. We were also a bit north of Carbondale as I have family down there, so I figured if we left by 2pm we’d be fine. We finally left at 2:45pm as I was going “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” and ended up getting on 57 at the front of the “wave” so to speak.

    It was kind of comical to see Google Maps say 3.5 hours remaining, basically the entire drive. Our time ended up doubled (4.5 hours to 9 hours) but easily could’ve been tripled if we had to go through the Marion area or left a little bit later.

    In the end… still worth it. I’d do it again in a hearbeat. Everything before the diamond ring was neat, but if that’s all I saw (like Chicago) I would have been disappointed. Weather cooperated perfectly where we were, and we had full viewing pleasure from about 30% all the way through totality. It was simply incredible.

  • Ten minutes before totality my wife was not believing that it would go night dark. Ok so yeah not quite because of the sunrise-ish edges on the horizon and the light of the corona, but close enough for the street lights to go on and the green tree leaves to go black. When I videoed it on my phone the damn phone compensated and made it seem brighter than it was.

    We had clear skies as well. I’m sure the Nebraska and Wyoming versions looked clearer with less moisture in the air, but I ain’t complaining one bit.

    It was totality worth it!

  • Courtney

    We left around 2:15/2:30. Didn’t make it back to Chicago until 1:30am. We stopped for food at one point and had a few bathroom breaks but still…..

  • BlueFairlane

    I’ve got family in western Kentucky, so I went that way and saw it just north of Madisonville. I took a backroad route that crossed the river at Shawneetown and eventually circled back to US 41 at Vincennes, getting caught in a traffic jam at Carmi, IL along the way, but ultimately it only took me an hour longer to get home than the trip usually takes. I saw totality in perfect weather at a nice little festival in a small town, and it was more than worth the trip.

  • Eclipse Hipster dad planned the trip to his and mom’s alma mater SIU Carbondale well over a year ago, and by the time we heard that Amtrak added a special train, it had already been sold out for hours. He swore for days we’d be home in six-and-a-half hours if we took all those backroad shortcuts that he already knew. We exited the Saluki Arena parking lot about 2:30pm, and about 13 hours later I was home.

    Bumper-to-bumper traffic in downtown Hurst, IL was really a thing to behold; I’m sure my ancestors were rolling in their nearby graves. The other ancestors buried in West Frankfort were probably equally amused.

    Totally worth it though! The festival on campus was fun, as was the Shadow Festival in town. And then I somehow spent 2:38 looking at everything except the Sun.