Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, August 9

  • Emails: Rahm Donor & SpaceX Investor Helped Connect Mayor With Musk for O’Hare Proposal (Tribune)
  • County Offers Funds for Bikeway on Devon in Edgebrook, Alderman Opposes Dedicated Lanes (DNA)
  • Used Bike Donation Drive for At-Risk and Refugee Youth in the 48th Ward (DNA)
  • Boulevard Bikes Is Moving to 2769 N. Milwaukee This Fall (DNA)
  • Tips for Riding Metra to Bears Games (Patch)
  • Vendor Market at the Bronzeville Bike Box, by the 51st Green Stop, Today from 4-7 PM
  • Meetings on TODs in Albany Park Start With 8/24 Hearing at Roosevelt High (DNA)

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  • planetshwoop

    Can we give an award to Edgebrook for being the community most hostile to bike improvements? It said no to the TOD. It fought really really hard to not have the new trail open there. And for YEARS the stretch where they are advocating putting bikes has been the main route to get onto the trail from points East. (Full disclosure: I used it TONS of times, and dropped a lot of $$$ in Edgebrook because of it.)

    The traffic is awful, but that’s because Devon is a monster speedway and the configuration of 3 major roads + a busy Metra/Amtrak/Freight line means it’s a mess. Putting a bike lane for the 2-3 blocks would probably improve the business climate since there are so many cyclists coming through. Parking isn’t a problem in Edgebrook; there’s barely anthing there to park at. Bicycles could fix that and help the businesses that are there. (Hello! Cyclists like ice cream, coffee and beer Edgebrook!)

    Sorry for the rant, but I am exhausted by this community saying no when they have so many assets.