Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 27

  • Elon Musk Firm May Bid for the (Misguided) O’Hare Express Train Project (DNA)
  • Police: Driver Intentionally Ran Over and Killed Naisha Weems, 28, After a Dispute (Tribune)
  • SUV Driver Kills Pedestrian in Waukegan, Police Blame Victim for Wearing Dark Clothes (Sun-Times)
  • Woman Killed in Crash During Police Pursuit in Englewood (NBC)
  • Active Trans Looks at Plans for More Prepaid Boarding Pilots
  • Petition Launched Asking City to Install LGBT Pride-Themed Rainbow Crosswalks (DNA)
  • Hot Dog! Divvy Unleashes a Fleet of Chicago Food-Themed Bikes to Mark Its 4th Birthday (DNA)
  • The Recyclery Community Bike Shop Is Hiring a Bookkeeper and Administrative Coordinator
  • Gran Fundo Hondo Ride to Kenosha Baseball Game on 7/23 Will Raise Money for World Bicycle Relief
  • Shared Use Mobility Center Holds an Open House on 7/27 6-8 PM at 127 S. Clark

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  • Batboy

    Does this blog imply the Waukegan driver is automatically at fault?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    No, but police officers shouldn’t imply that pedestrians are causing crashes simply by wearing normal clothing. However, it’s definitely worth looking into whether the driver’s behavior contributed to the fatal crash — were they speeding or using their phone at the time?

  • Batboy

    Agreed that it should be looked into further, but if the facts stated in the article are true (10:30pm when visibility is limited on this road, crossing against legal traffic) I would think that the pedestrian is likely be at fault.

    You are right that the driver should be investigated, but why don’t you give the benefit of a doubt to the driver that you clearly give to the pedestrian, who could also have been drunk, on drugs, distracted by cellphone?

    Also, Dont assume that headlights give you same visibility as daylight.

    Let me ask – do you think it’s smart to have reflectors on your bike if you ride it at night? If you do, appears to me that it follows the same logic you probably would be better off wearing lighter color clothing when walking alongside a road with no sidewalk at night. You can’t tell me that you can see all colors equally well at night.

  • Chicagoan

    I understand the desire to keep O’Hare in a competitive position in the aviation industry and I’m all for this investment if no public dollars go to it, but it seems like a huge waste of resources.

    We have rail access to both of our airports and it’s not an infrequent bus route, these are rapid transit lines, are the Blue and Orange lines really not sufficient?

  • hopeyglass

    while all of these may be logical statements, the fact remains that the police are victim-blaming before investigation by implying that dark clothes are the sole reason here. given their ghastly behavior on twitter, I’m not expecting much from these people.

  • Rico T

    This ignores the part of the article where it states “Police said he was crossing the street when traffic was legally flowing.” By default, neither a pedestrian nor a driver should be assumed at fault, and nobody should be assigned blame simply for their clothing choice. But if this person was walking in the street when they did not have the right of way, then they are at fault. Being desperate to find things the driver did wrong while disregarding the pedestrian’s poor judgment is not good reporting.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I’m not sure exactly where the crash took place in the roadway, but this stretch of Green Bay Road is a totally pedestrian hostile space with no sidewalks or crosswalks. If the victim was crossing at an intersection, he was in what’s technically called an “unmarked crosswalk” and, although the driver may not have had a red light, they were legally obligated to stop for a pedestrian in the unmarked crosswalk.

    If you’re driving a heavy piece of high-speed machinery that can easily kill others, you have an obligation to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening. Sure, you should be careful when walking, but distracted or impaired driving are illegal, and for good reason.

    Let me ask – when you walk somewhere at night, or drive there and walk a couple blocks from your parking spot, do you think, oh, I’d better not wear a black T-shirt, because then a driver might kill me?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    See comment below, and check out the Streetblog Twitter thread with the *very* professional spokesperson for the Waukegan police.

  • Batboy

    Legally obligated under any circumstances? Even if the headlights are already visible? You’re saying this man can act as if he were a squirrel or deer by randomly running into the road at any time and then he must legally be protected?

    If I’m crossing the street at 10:30 pm and I see headlights coming, I sure as hell don’t take my sweet time to make it to the other side. Are you saying that a pedestrian in a 4 lane road that late at night can be completely oblivious to the environment around him?

    And I can say for a fact that when I was growing up in a rural area and wanted to go for a run along the side of the roads outside of town, I definitely took into account my clothes’ visibility because that was taught to us in school.

  • Tooscrapps

    The Waukegan PD should be ashamed of that tweet.

  • Carter O’Brien

    The only possible argument I can see for this express line is that it would keep the people with 2+ seats worth of luggage out of rail lines during rush hour. That’s pretty weak bang for the buck. A subway that took people directly to the beaches and museums, zoos, aquarium on the lakefront would be a way better investment.