Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 16

  • Ald. Osterman wants 48th to become “model neighborhood” in multi-modal transportation (newsletter)
  • CTA to test two more prepaid bus boarding locations, but hasn’t committed to two previous ones (DNAinfo)
  • Alder. Napolitano opposes apartments near Cumberland CTA station (DNAinfo)
  • CMAP is hosting a “future mobility technology” forum next week at IIT
  • Cook County state’s attorney won’t prosecute motorists who drive on licenses lost for financial reasons (Defender)
  • Vintage buildings around Woodlawn CTA stations at risk (Chicago Patterns)
  • Department of Finance bike team gets award for increasing citations they issued

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  • Chicagoan

    Rogers Park, Edgewater, and Uptown are such wonderful neighborhoods to be car-free, good on Alderman Osterman for taking the lead on this endeavor.

  • I wonder about who here is “playing” whom? Harry keeps it all so close to the vest. Of course we citizens get played all the time by the likes of say CDOT. Same with most Aldders.

    So we can see that CDOT is moving on LSD rebuild. I believe that the culture at CDOT has shifted. I believe they get ideas like “induced demand”. They may be actual allies against IDOT for example.

    But all these players, the Aldders, CDOT and IDOT see citizens as problems to be managed. They see us as NIMBYs. Or rather they lack a facility to distinguish between knee-jerk NIMBYs and educatable NIMBYs.

    Alder Moore struggled with that reality when he introduced Participatory Budgeting. He used to bring city professionals into the process just to assure levels of sophistication for citizen plans and ideas.

    So back to my question who is playing whom? Is CDOT playing Osterman. Is Osterman playing his constituents? Or both?

    Osterman has a history of calling for citizen participation and then either not following thru or using such meetings as a way of burnishing his reputation without doing anything. Or rather doing what he (they for CDOT) was/were going to do anyway.

    There are two models here. The public school councils and PBA on the one side and Park District Advisory boards and community policing’s CAPS on the other. The first two have at least some real power while the second have effectively none.

    I would love it if Harry and CDOT were actually headed in the real power sharing direction.

    But I’ll take whatever scraps they throw us. They are lessons for those rare times when we are able to elect intelligent politicians that understand democracy.