Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 25

  • Chicago Was the Only Major U.S. City to Lose Population From 2015 to 2016 (Tribune)
  • Metra Plans to Boost Service to Hyde Park, Pullman, Cut It on Electric Line Branches (Tribune)
  • Metra Will Install New On-Board Security Cam System (CBS)
  • Maldonado, Moreno, LSNA, LUCHA Rally for Law Charging Fees for Teardowns by 606 (DNA)
  • Antique Swing Bridge Could Be Used for Extending the Bloomingdale Trail (DNA)
  • Driver Who Struck Officer, Pedestrian While Fleeing Charged With Felony (CBS)
  • Developer Picked for Redevelopment of Union Station, Including 5 Towers, Plazas (DNA)
  • Upcoming Obama Library Is Already Spurring a Development Boom in South Shore (DNA)
  • CTA Bus Drivers Recall Being Attacked With Spit, Eggs, Hot Drinks, Frozen Chickens (ABC)
  • Tips for Avoiding Getting Your Bike Ganked, Recovering It After a Theft Occurs (DNA)
  • Waguespack: Stop Calling “Robust” North/Damen/Milwaukee Intersection “The Crotch” (DNA)

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  • BlueFairlane

    I wasn’t born in Chicago, and I know the natives are weird about this sort of thing, but in the 13 years I’ve lived here, the only people I’ve ever heard refer to the Damen-North-Milwaukee intersection as “the Crotch” were the editors of local news blogs. First Chuck Sudo in his days over at Chicagoist, and now you. I don’t know how much of a thing “the Crotch” is.

  • Chicagoan

    Are Maldonado, Moreno & Company as concerned about de-conversion as they are about teardowns?

  • Kevin M


  • Carter O’Brien

    I can’t say I really care one way or the other, but nobody has ever referred to this intersection by anything other than the street names or anchor businesses as long as I’ve been going there, call it 1987 or 1988. That said, if it sticks it sticks, things do change.

    btw, as a city native, I’m really only irked by truly pretentious and cutesy nicknames (may someone stab the term “nabe” until it is completely dead) and nicknames that reflect blatant encroachment, generally with an eye towards displacement and cultural whitewashing (“West Roscoe Village” being used to sell condos at Roscoe and Elston, for example).

  • How about “the armpit?”

  • BlueFairlane

    If people go for it, then sure, eventually that’s what this will be. But I kind of feel like this is just something somebody came up with, and a relatively small group thinks it’s funny, so they’re trying to make “fetch” happen. “Fetch” isn’t going to happen.

    The worst example I can recall seeing of the phenomenon you describe was in about 2009 or so, when I was walking down Clybourn somewhere south of North. A realtor had put up a sign on a new batch of condos and tried pulling a Manhattan by calling the area “SoNo,” probably to avoid any association with anything that sounds like Cabrini. The problem here is obvious. The first duty of any developer type when coming up with an invented name is to make sure there’s no way it can be contorted into a joke, and they failed.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Ha. Guessing that the South Loop as “SoLo” would also run into some kind of trademark infringement…Southport as “Sopo” (yes, I have seen that in print) just makes me laugh it’s so ridiculous.

  • Jeremy

    SoDoSoPa (South of Downtown South Park)

  • rohmen

    I thought West Bucktown had died out as a marketing tool with how cool Logan Square had become, but I just had a co-worker move to an area around Milwaukee and Maplewood, and she corrected me when I asked her how she liked living in Logan. Whatever makes people happy when spending large sums of money for single family homes, I guess, but it definitely smacks of whitewashing, or trying to avoid the gentrifier label.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Well, people are always welcome to invent new neighborhoods, but it does usually reveal some ulterior motives, and they are rarely flattering. The only “hard” rule I personally follow is that community areas, which are fixed, are not allowed to encroach into other community areas. When I was a kid realtors were trying to sell a healthy slice of Lake View as Lincoln Park, but LP has a hard stop at Diversey, the same way Logan Sq does, just further west.

    Regardless, Bucktown reports up to/is a subset of Logan Square whether your co-worker likes it or not. : )

    This is pretty interesting, though:

  • rohmen

    Yeah, I mean some of it is less than clear. When I lived in Bucktown in the early 2000s, I knew the technical border was North, but I always viewed anything south of the (now) 606 as part of WP. Also, most people will tell you that Ukie Village stops at Western, but there’s a small area west of Western near Smith Park that’s legitimately part of that neighborhood.

    I agree that what bugs me is when people use the terms to try to make something desirable that otherwise wouldn’t. People started saying West Wicker Park and West Bucktown because (some) rich white people wouldn’t buy homes in HP or LS before 2008, not because the people whom had always lived there felt that’s what the area should be called. Just rubs me the wrong way…