Correction to Our Previous Report About the Drew Boyle Crash Case

According to the Chicago Police Department, Boyle's crash took place on the 4800 block of North Sheridan, shown. Image: Google Street View
According to the Chicago Police Department, Boyle's crash took place on the 4800 block of North Sheridan, shown. Image: Google Street View

On Tuesday Streetsblog Chicago ran a story about food delivery cyclist Drew Boyle, 21, who suffered a broken jaw and eye socket in a bike crash in Uptown last week and launched a GoFundMe page to help cover his expenses. With the intention of getting the details about what happened, as well as publicizing the crowdfunding campaign, I contacted Boyle and interviewed him for the article.

Boyle told me he had recently got out the hospital for the injuries he received when his head hit a car’s windshield during the crash. When I called him I asked him whether he had sustained any brain injuries, and if he was sure he was in a proper frame of mind to do an interview. Boyle told me he had not suffered a brain injury and was ready to talk. He then told me a story about pursuing a man who had stolen money from his apartment, and crashing into a car during the chase. Boyle said he didn’t plan to press charges against the thief.

This morning Boyle’s mother Amy called to notify me that, contrary to what her son had told me, he had suffered a concussion, and shouldn’t have done the interview. She added that it’s not clear what actually happened before the crash, but it appears that Drew made several inaccurate statements in the interview.

While I wrote this article with the goal of helping a crash victim, I regret publicizing this apparently inaccurate story and, lesson learned, will be sure to double check statements made by crash survivors under similar circumstances in the future. I wish Boyle a speedy and complete recovery from his injuries.

  • valkyrry

    Dear Drew – friend of Kristen’s.
    Please, PLEASE file a police report. If you have this person’s address criminal charges might stick, especially since you have a witness. Kristen will tell you what I do for work & give you my number so I can give you more info. And no – I’m not a lawyer.
    All the best.

  • disqus_00YDCZxqDV

    You should file a police report against this grease stain

  • Kelly Pierce

    Drew, definitely file a police report and seek criminal
    charges. While the POS did not cause
    your injuries, he was going to leave you without your rent money, for which he
    should take responsibility. For many victims, resolving their issues through
    the legal system serves as a way to cleanse themselves of the negative emotions,
    anger, and dissatisfaction of the experience.
    Part of moving on means
    confronting issues and people that caused your pain and loss. It is easier said
    to forget the past and move on unless the person saying those comments is the
    one who suffered the loss.

  • Not press charges? What?

  • lykorian

    Don’t press charges, but DO solicit money to cover your expenses? I really don’t get it. Nevertheless, my sympathies to the victim and best wishes for a full recovery. Jaw surgery is brutal.