Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, April 18

  • Safety Committee Approves More Patrolling of CTA, Park Property by CPD Officers (Sun-Times)
  • Neighborhood Group Objects to Density Along North Branch Corridor, Wants Park (DNA)
  • Police Warn of a Spate of Armed Taxi Driver Robberies Around the City (Chicagoist)
  • Man Attempts to Steal Bike in Lakeview, Swings Chunk of Concrete at the Owner (DNA)
  • Metra Conductor Suing Buffalo Grove Man for Punching Him on the Train (Sun-Times)
  • An Update on the Redevelopment of the State Street Corridor (South Side Weekly)
  • 4 Authors Weigh in on Chicago’s Gentrification Issues (Chicagoist)
  • DNA Talks With 606 Users Who Aren’t Happy About Police Using ATVs on the Path
  • CDOT Launches Its Annual War on Potholes; Map of Arterial Streets to Be Repaved (DNA)
  • Chicago Hack Night Celebrates Its 5th Birthday Tonight at 6 PM at Merchandise Mart
  • Community Meeting April 24 to Review 3647 N. Southport TOD Proposal (Lakeview Chamber)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    A website that aggregates links to all of the community meetings city wide where a neighborhood organization proposes a park instead of the proposed development in front of them.

  • Jeremy

    Sometimes the snark on this website is off-putting. Heaven forbid people want a 10 acre park on a 60 acre piece of land without being shamed as NIMBY suburbanites. You may not have used those words, but the dog whistle was pretty clear.

    Considering the additional residential development at the Cabrini Green and Children’s Hospital sites, a park near Racine and Clybourn seems like a good idea. If anything, you should be advocating for the South Side Velodrome (if it still exists) to be moved to that location. A riverside bike path and possible connection to 606 makes that an ideal location for the velodrome.

  • hopeyglass

    What on earth:

    “Neighborhood Group Objects to Density Along North Branch Corridor, Wants Park” – As a captain of snark, I detect no snark here.

    You obviously know very little about the mundane and indifferent work done by most people with regards to the Velodrome, because you must be delusional if you think you can get any of those people to drag that thing up North (and yes, it still exists.)

    But also, it’s pretty ironic that these people are moaning about their “lack of open space” and too much housing, given their near proximity to the post-Cabrini Green “neighborhood”. Although mostly a failure of CHS and the plan for housing, the real dog whistle here is that these people are afraid more housing means someone MIGHT try and sneak in some low-income units, and god forbid we let “those people” back in the places we used to house them. They may not be NIMBY suburbanites, but it’s a pretty far stretch to think they’re in it for some ultimate common good. (Frankly, it’s gross that they’re whining about “all the people NOT in our neighborhood using our park!”). Maybe they should head down to the Velodrome sometime?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    This is certainly not a snark-free website, but none was intended in this case — I was simply summarizing the contents of the DNA report: “According to Krista Elam, director of economic development for North Branch Works, it held a community meeting in March including several local groups, such as the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, the Wrightwood Neighbors Association and the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, as well as RANCH Triangle, and gathered the feedback into another document sent back out to the groups. Main issues, she added, were transportation, density of proposed housing and funding, as well as open space.”

  • Pat

    This is same community association shot down plans to fill a vacant lot with a 68-unit building on Clybourn because it was too dense.

    NIMBYism is in their blood when it comes to density.

  • Jeremy

    The only thing I know about the velodrome is that I donated money to it, yet not enough people are using it to draw enough cash to cover insurance payments. Has that changed?

  • hopeyglass

    No one is using it (one could argue no one really USED it either, but you’d have to talk to all the people involved who had many opinions). John wrote about it last year.

    Last I heard, U.S. Steel had successfully parceled out some of its land.

  • Anne A

    U.S. Steel insisted on a punitive level of insurance coverage. Unfavorable lease extension terms and sky high insurance premiums were enough to drive the organization out of existence. Looks like U.S. Steel really wanted to force them out and get a $$$$$$ buyer for the land. Just my $0.02. Your mileage may vary.

  • planetshwoop

    The DNA article doesn’t mention how much Lincoln Park has lost residents over time. So arguing about “traffic” is quite silly — most of that is self-inflicted really.

    NO ONE in Chicago is going to feel empathy that a place called “Lincoln Park” doesn’t have enough open land when it is next to the Lakefront.

  • Carter O’Brien

    LOL. If they want a 10 acre park maybe they should buy one, I find the “where’s mine?” attitude here hilarious, if only Royko were around to give this group the razzing they have brought on themselves.

  • DNAinfo esssentially does this, but curating a calendar seems to be impossible, which is why it’s been tried a few times (ask D. Hertz, for one) and never continued past a year. Samantha K. tried it, too, when she worked for Chicago Cityscape.

  • *in their blood* :)

  • ohsweetnothing

    I appreciate you humoring my attempt at dry, sardonic humor.