Today’s Headlines for Friday, March 17

  • Driver Charged With Misdemeanor DUI for Fatal Lake Shore Drive Crash (Tribune)
  • Police Chase Ends With Suspect Injuring 60-Year-Old Woman (Tribune)
  • SE Side Leaders Say New Rail Car Factory Will Give an Economic Boost to the Area (ABC)
  • Metra Spends $1.2 M on Grayland Lot, Encouraging 68 More People to Drive There (DNA)
  • Plan Commission OKs 51-Story Office Tower That Could Have Its Own Riverwalk (Tribune)
  • West Loop TOD Plan Loses Density, Adds Parking (Curbed)
  • Chicago Should Be a Cautionary Tale as Toronto Considers Selling Off Parking Authority (Bullet)
  • Train Lines Line Be Rerouted for Work on Washington-Wabash Stop This Weekend (Sun-Times)
  • Momentum Magazine Updates Its Visitor’s Guide to Chicago — Read John’s Version Here

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  • Matt

    That incident on Grand was 3 weeks ago, not this week. The Chainlink discussion was started on 2/24.

  • Pat

    I’m surprised DNA hasn’t been all over it.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Good catch, thanks. I’ve taken down the headline, but I’ll see if I can get more info.

  • Courtney

    Re: Metra spending 1.2 million on a new parking lot. I could definitely think of a much better use for that money. Maybe increasing frequency of service on certain routes?! Of course I know 1.2 million won’t do much but it’s a much better use of funds than a parking lot.

  • Matt

    Yeah, with that kind of money you’d think they’d add something like “a retaining wall, sidewalks, curb ramps [for wheelchair-users], stairs, landscaping, lighting, signage, pavement markings and bike racks,” too…

    To me it seems like they’re going to improve the entire station overall, which includes some additional parking spots. I say great. I just don’t get (or at least, don’t agree with) the extreme “anti-car” mentality that is so prevalent on this site.

  • Courtney

    I find the overinvestment in personal automobile ownership to be extreme. The resulting climate change and premature deaths due to pollution is extreme. The inherent waste in depending on automobiles to get around is extreme especially when much more efficient and environmentally friendly (or neutral) options exist!!

  • Matt

    And I don’t disagree with you. I don’t own a car, particularly because I don’t like them, or driving in general. But, the reality is cars do exist, and lots of them. I don’t see that changing any time soon (I’d love to be wrong). To me (again, just my opinion) it’s just not worth the effort to complain on that front.

    My bigger point was, it’s not just parking spots there. There are apparently quite a few improvements being made to that station, which is a net positive in my opinion.

  • planetshwoop

    I’m pretty familiar with that station. It was a gross dump for a long time — there was some factories nearby, a dingy bar, a tow-truck yard. The area sloped and had lots of marginal space. There has been a lot of new development (housing, mostly) nearby that has made it nicer. They also re-did the viaduct.

    However, absent people coming from the West, I doubt there is much need for parking. $1.2M is a lot for 68 spaces, and as I estimated, that’s something like $5-8/day for parking if the parking lot is good for 10 years. No one is paying that, so it sounds good but is likely a waste of money when there are better alternatives.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    People could park along the street that already exists there but it appears to be banned for some reason.