Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, March 8

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  • Concerned 1% nimby

    Waste of money to put a warmng station and ticket booth in the new inbound Ravenswood station. The warming station will do nothing but attract homeless people.

    People buying tickets should use the Ventra app. Metra should be cutting labor costs, not adding to it.

  • Kevin M

    As a tax-payer and transit-user (and a caring human being) I am perfectly fine with any people in need of shelter using a Metra station for warmth and comfort. The victims are not the problem.

  • Kevin M

    And, I meant to add, I *do* think Metra riders will use this station, so its cost is justified.

  • Those sticking-out cars on the townhomes with two garages are already interdicting more than two spaces of curbside parking.

    They can park curbside across their garage openings, IMO, if they want more parking for their household (they’d have to move the parkway car anyway before coming out).