Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, February 15

  • NBC: Police Have Written Zero Tickets for Driving in Loop Link Lanes
  • Trump’s Muslim Ban Sparks Fears About CTA Searches That Have Occurred Since 2014 (Chicagoist)
  • Editorial: Rahm Needs to Provide “Hard Evidence” That O’Hare Express Is Needed (Tribune)
  • More Good News About the Green Line: Emanuel Wants to Overhaul South Leg (Sun-Times)
  • SUV Driver Killed Brother & Sister as They Pulled Out of Driveway in Maywood (CBS)
  • Red Line Delayed This Morning by Man on Tracks at State/Lake (Chicagoist)
  • Security Images Released of Suspects in Green Line Cell Phone Robberies (DNA)
  • Protest Against Plan to Evict Tenants From Building Near Kimball Stop, Evict Tenants (DNA)
  • New HQ for C.H. Robinson at Webster & the River Will Have Nearly 200 Car Spaces (DNA)

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  • No coverage of the several search-on-train instances yesterday?

  • Lakeview Guy

    It goes to show what a FAILURE Loop Link is. And the cars who are dropping people off, picking people up, etc. Where are they supposed to do that? Why should they block a travel lane to do that?

  • ohsweetnothing

    On pretty much any other street aside from Madison and Washington?

  • They can go around the corner to literally any of the cross streets and drop off there.

    “Why should they block a travel lane to do that?” Bus lanes are also travel lanes. In fact, they often carry more passengers per hour than the car lanes. Why should they be blockable?

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Are you talking about something other than the second headline?

  • Pat

    The Loop Link enforcement comes as a complete surprise to no one.

    I rarely see any type of CPD enforcement in the Loop and the mad rush to get out of the city produces some dangerous and highly illegal situations.

  • Deni

    The thing is, an express train on the Blue Line that actually served the regular ridership would be a good thing, and supportable by more people/politicians. If you could rebuild the line to be four tracks the whole way (yes, very expensive and likely require a lot more tunnel building due to the lack of space alongside the current ROW) and have trains from the Loop stopping at, say, Damen, Jefferson Park, Cumberland, Rosemont then you could have a viable and useful train that reduces some riders’ transit times and increases line capacity.

  • JacobEPeters

    It’s funny how the photo of the CW Robinson construction site clearly shows how empty the parking garage across the street is during the middle of the day. I know I am just dreaming, but why aren’t there more shared use agreements btwn existing parking garages with high vacancy rates & new nearby development?

  • Pat

    I bet the theater wouldn’t want to give up their peak parking stock. But yes, not much thinking outside of the box.

  • duppie

    Interesting how reading an article can lead to different conclusions:

    You point out 200 car spaces, I am positvely excited about 200 bicycle parking spots.

  • JacobEPeters

    You really think CW Robinson employees are going to be parked there in large numbers on weekends or during non matinee showings? Better managing our existing parking assets could reduce the amount of urban space we are wasting on temporary car storage.

  • Pat

    I’m not disagreeing with you. I just can envision them using that argument.

  • JacobEPeters

    I know, it’s why I prefaced it w/ “I know I am just dreaming”

  • Concobhar Mac Conmara

    not to mention 1000 people are working there… 200 ain’t bad that far from a train line

  • Roland Solinski

    I used to park in the Webster Place garage (not the main garage but the 2-story garage south of Shakespeare). Rates were very reasonable, only $40/month IIRC.

    I’m guessing the availability of parking at Webster Place is EXACTLY why Sterling Bay is only building 200 spots on their own parcel. That way they can build a (nicely-landscaped) surface parking lot on the south end of their property, and avoid the cost of structured parking.

  • Tristan Crockett

    I’m more and more interested in the Metra NCS route as an express train option. You can only do so much with the Blue Line because of the single track and existing Blue Line frequency, but the current NCS service is paltry. They even already run one express train to the O’Hare Transfer station each weekday; why not just run more of these? These trains could simply go local after the O’Hare Transfer, to make them more generally useful.

  • I’m interested in what’s going on with the South Green line.

    The land use along most of the line cannot support high ridership and feeder buses all funnel to the Red line. Over most of its route, the Green line exists only to support a vocal constituency. However, the line also runs extremely close to the east and west such as Jackson Park, the University of Chicago, Western Ave., out towards Midway or 79th, and misses an important connection with the Red Line. It’ll take quite a bit of money to fix these missed connections, but it is already costing a lot to run this underused service.

    The most important connection is to the University of Chicago. This would require the line to be rerouted along 59th/60th/the Midway either above ground, in a trench, or cut and cover. This involves getting agreement from the Parks district and the university, and digging around in urban archeology. Western extensions would also involve either significant takings, or more tracks over 63rd street.

    There’s two other potential crayonista ideas that reach into underserved areas. If Metra is unwilling to give up the ME mainline, it may be possible to have the Green Line take over the South Chicago branch. This would have the Green line split into two services: an east-west line following the South Chicago/63rd street corridors, and a north south service terminating at the university. Alternatively, the north south line could cross the east west line, and take over the old New York Central tracks down to Calumet City, connecting to one of the most far-flung areas of the city.

    I’d be quite surprised if Rahm is pushing for any of these ideas on his own.

  • what_eva

    The problem today is that when you get to O’Hare transfer, you’re in a wasteland, next to the city impound lot and a huge construction site. Tou have to take a shuttle bus across Mannheim to lot E, then the ATS to your terminal.

    When the rental car facility is done, then you’ll only have to walk through it or around it or something and get on the extended ATS to your terminal. Because it would have made too much sense to put the ATS station next to the Metra station.