Today’s Headlines for Monday, January 30

  • Bobby Cann’s Loved One Express Outrage Over the 10-Day Sentence for His Killer (Tribune)
  • Driver Crashes Into Lincoln Square Car Wash, Killing a Woman Inside (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Who Blew Stop Sign, Killing Another Motorist, Charged With Felony DUI (CBS)
  • 2 Fatal Crashes on Metra’s UP-NW Line Within 4 Hours (Tribune)
  • Obama Foundation Floats the Idea of Pedestrianizing Roads in Jackson Park (Tribune)
  • Plans for I-90 Include Express Bus Route With a Stop on Highway Shoulders (Herald)
  • New Schedules on Several Metra Lines Started Sunday (Sun-Times)
  • SE Chicago Commission, Which Drove Urban Renewal, Cutting Ties to U of C (Tribune)
  • Njogu Morgan, Who Researched Chicago Bicycling in 2015, Reports on New Developments (CFC)
  • John Discusses Why Cell Phone Records Should Be Checked After Crashes (WGN)
  • Video: Burke Rides Bike Into Frigid Lake to Raise Money for Active Trans, Survives the Ordeal
  • Active Trans Hosts “Stories on the Move” February 3 5:30-7:30 at the Hideout

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  • Kevin M

    Ron Burke’s stunt put a smile on my face and made me pleased to be a supporting member of the Alliance.

  • Chicagoan

    How many of the roads in Jackson Park are original to Olmsted’s design?

  • The I-90 article doesn’t mention bus stops — where is that sourced from?

  • Anne A

    I support the idea of pedestrianizing Cornell through Jackson Park. It’s a speedway now and it seriously divides the western section of the park. At a minimum, it should have a road diet with protected bike lanes. Ideally, I’d like to see it completely closed to car traffic.

  • Anne A

    The Hyde Park/U of C piece is interesting. I have a bit of history to add.

    The northern portion of Nichols Park (north of 54th) owes its existence to urban renewal. 54th was the northern boundary of the park in the 1950s. It existed as a street between Kenwood and Kimbark then.

    The house my mother grew up in stood at the corner of 54th and Ridgewood Ct and was a victim of urban renewal around 1960. Around the corner, Kenwood used to extend north to 53rd and was a street full of small Victorian house, including the one my mother’s best friend lived in.

    The strip along 54th that now has townhouses on it was vacant for years after my mother’s family home and the one behind it were bought out and torn down. Some of the families displaced by urban renewal of this portion of Hyde Park stayed in the neighborhood, while others left, because gentrification was beginning to take hold and prices were going up.,-87.5940312,521m/data=!3m1!1e3

  • +1, although I’d shift the proposed closure north a bit, routing LSD vehicles onto Marquette and removing them from Cornell south of 57th. I posted about this idea two years ago, and I’m very happy to see it being taken up.

  • Pat

    Hope this could be a model for converting Stockton in Lincoln Park to a bus/bike/ped street too.

  • what_eva

    This piece, but it doesn’t say the stop would be in the median:

    The agreement provides guidelines for special-purpose lanes at the new
    Barrington Road park-n-ride. The park-n-ride will include a highway bus
    stop along with a pedestrian bridge and underpass crossing. There will
    be spaces for 170 vehicles to park.

    A highway median stop sounds difficult, would need some walls to protect people, especially because there likely wouldn’t be buses with left doors purchased just for that route.

  • Jeremy

    I used to play softball at the Lincoln Park fields. The people who drove to the games complained about not being able to find parking spots. I don’t know if the parking lots nearby were filled or if they just wanted free parking. The summer leagues might stop renting those fields if players start avoiding playing there.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to turning Stockton to metered spots to at least prevent nearby residents from using the street instead of paying to park in a garage. I used to do that in order to avoid paying my condo association $2,000 a year. The city is giving away millions of dollars in free parking on Stockton.

  • Pat

    Probably a bit of both. I’ve played at those fields too and the paid parking lot near the pedestrian overpass was never filled.

  • I misunderstood the article. I’ve updated the headline text.

    It will look like this:

  • planetshwoop

    It TOTALLY makes sense to have busses out that way as the NW suburbs have been a source of jobs growth. But two questions: if heading NW, how does the last mile work? Second, how realistic is it to expect people will park and then wait for a bus?

    I’m sorry to be Debbie Downer here. There needs to be transit options for the NW side. But the misery of waiting for a bus at a highway is hard to understate. I despise the blue line for the same reason.

    Also, that drawing is way understating the distance. I-90 is 4 lanes in each direction and shoulders on each side. A monster.

  • planetshwoop

    Also, thank you for posting the image.

  • The last mile is done by personal vehicle. This bus stop is at a park and ride.