Today’s Headlines for Friday, January 27

  • Repeat DUI Offender Who Killed Bobby Cann Gets Only 10 Days (DNA, Chicagoist, TribuneChainlink)
  • Driver Who Failed to Yield Killed 64-Year-Old Man in Kilbourn Park Crosswalk (Tribune)
  • 6 CPD Officers Suspended Aftet Giving Fire Deputy Favored Treatment After DUI Crash (CBS)
  • The South Shore Line Extension Has Received State & Local Funding (Active Trans)
  • Facilitating Transfers Between CTA & Metra Would Be a Cheap Way to Expand Utility (Chicago)
  • Permit Issued for 25-Unit Building Near Chicago Blue Line Station (Curbed)
  • Experts Seek to Protect Environment From Rising Road Salt Runoff (Tribune)

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  • R.A. Stewart

    Regarding the first headline, sadly, I can’t say I’m surprised, but … 10 days. Wow. You can get more time than that for graffiti. I don’t doubt that Ryne San Hamel is remorseful, but I hope he also realizes how lucky he is to be a suburbanite from a politically-connected family with enough money to hire Sam Adam. And I hope he has some inkling of how screwed up a society is in which those factors count for basically everything in the eyes of the law.

  • rohmen

    I know this is a U.S.-wide issue (DUI-related cycling deaths), but this sentence and the one for Vais (100 days) seem extremely light when compared to most other places. I knew people growing up in Wisconsin (which at times has had a real DUI problem) that ended up with sentences of 3 to 4 months simply for driving on a revoked license after first DUI, etc. Deaths would often result in multiple year sentences, even for honor students at UW Madison, etc.

    There just seems to be a horrible disconnect going on in Cook County, and a second light sentence in as many years is a real red flag.

  • planetshwoop

    re: the sentence

    I don’t recall the specifics, but it would be helpful to see coverage of what the prosecutor *could* have legitimately asked for and those sentences, as well as what was asked for and what the standard guidance is for those crimes.

    10 days sounds light, but I’m trying to find out the spectrum of possible outcomes to know if it is a pittance or standard for those types of charges.

  • rohmen

    My understanding is Reckless Homicide was the most serious charge he was facing (and the reports I’ve seen suggested he pled guilty to it), and sentencing range is generally 2 to 5 years. The reports I saw mentioned prosecutor requested a sentence between 3 to 14 (there may have been an enhancer for some reason here). So, by all accounts, this seems pretty fricken light.

  • Kevin M

    Obama’s library foundation wants to kill some car traffic in Jackson Park:

    Yes yes yes YES! Do this, please. Arterial streets don’t belong in of our parks.

  • Jeff Gio

    How quickly did the driver accelerate from his left turn? People need to stop gunning it when turning and start operating vehicles safely