Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 26

  • Trump Expresses Support for Union Station Overhaul, Red-Purple Modernization (CBJ)
  • Teens: Bystanders Didn’t Intervene When They Were Beaten, Robbed on Pink Line (ABC)
  • Uber Driver Accused of Beating Man With Baton After Argument Over Snow in Car (DNA)
  • Prospect Heights Officer Injured by Train After He Drove Across Metra Tracks (ABC)
  • Circle Interchange, Skyway Split Ranked Among Worst U.S. Bottlenecks for Truckers (DNA)
  • Greyhound Is Putting Its Goose Island Property up for Sale (Crain’s)
  • TED Talk: Ex-CDOT Chief Klein Discusses How Cars Almost Killed U.S. Cities
  • A Hip, New Bike Shop / Cafe Is Coming to… East Dundee? (Tribune)
  • How to Keep Your Balance While Riding Buses and Trains (RedEye)
  • Open House on Pullman Transpo Plan 6:30 Tonight at Visitor’s Center (Pullman Arts)
  • Hearing on Mixed-Income, Mixed-Use Development Near Loyal Station on 1/30 (Ward 49)

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  • rohmen

    You have to love how one of the cornerstones of his infrastructure bill is a Chicago project (with probably several more based in other large cities), yet he’s executed an executive order claiming he’ll pull all federal grants from sanctuary cities.

    Messaging is not going to be this guy’s strong suit.

  • The problem with any of the infrastructure bill is he doesn’t say how he’s going to pay for it.

    It’s never going to happen.

  • rohmen

    I think that’s true as to his massive proposed infrastructure bill (though he’ll argue cutting “government waste” will get him there), but presumably something like a fed grant for Union Station and the Red/Purple modernization would have been funded even under Clinton.

    The Chicago projects mentioned are definitely window dressing on an otherwise laughable total package, but there IS transportation money to be spent in any budget.

  • Kevin M

    So, whats the difference between the Red/Purple Modernization project mentioned in the administration’s proposed list of 50 projects and the Red/Purple/Brown project that was granted approval by Obama on his penultimate day in office? Are they different, but related?

  • what_eva

    Ryne San Hamel is taking a plea bargain for killing Bobby Cann:

    Sentence not in the article yet.

  • what_eva

    The project recently granted approval is Phase 1 of the overall Modernization Project. Phase 1 is the flyover and realignment/rebuild up to around Addison and complete rebuild from Leland (north end of the Wilson project) to Ardmore including Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr stations. Still to be done is Ardmore to Linden and from just north of Montrose (south end of the Wilson project) to Addison. The latter likely to include some kind of smoothing of the Sheridan curve.