Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, January 11

  • Lucas Museum, Which Would Have Replaced a Chicago Parking Lot, Finds a Home in LA (DNA)
  • After Beach Park Ped Fatality, Officials Blast IDOT for Ignoring Safety Infra Requests (Tribune)
  • Man Killed While Crossing Oak Lawn’s Dangerous 7-Lane Stretch of 95th Street (Tribune)
  • Coroner: Suspect Killed During Arrest Attempt on Metra Train Shot Himself (ABC)
  • Blue Line Train Delayed by Report of Man With Knife Near UIC-Halsted Stop (DNA)
  • La Villita Park Shows How Environmental Justice & Urban Planning Can Reduce Violence (SJNN)
  • OpenLands Is Offering Grants for Street Trees, Which May Help Deter Crime (DNA)
  • Morgan Streetscape Project in Bridgeport Will Include Curb Bumpouts to Shorten Crossings (DNA)
  • Ex-Active Trans Director Sadowsky Let Go From Portland Transpo Advocacy Group (Bike Portland)
  • How Yesterday’s Insane Winds Affected Local Transportation (DNA)
  • Pat

    Great victim blaming in the Beach Park article:

    Latest victim: “The man was wearing dark clothing at the time of the accident, reports said.”
    Previous victim: “The pedestrian was wearing dark, non-contrasting clothing”

    I guess you need to be a hi-viz zebra to cross the street safely at this intersection.

  • Anne A

    95th St. in Oak Lawn is a perfect example of a stroad – very hazardous to pedestrians and cyclists. My sympathy to the family and friends of the man who was hit.

  • rohmen

    Have to say the announcement regarding the Lucas Museum sours my prior views on how Lucas handled the whole thing in Chicago. Lucas’ foundation kept hyping that it had to be next to water, which was the reason it had to on the lakefront here (that had also been true as to a S.F. location). If you’re going to donate essentially $1B, I figure you get to be a little eccentric as to where it’s put, as long as you have good reasons.

    But to then announce that it will be located in a park in L.A., with seemingly no water even within sight, essentially shows Lucas was just trying to push the Chicago and S.F. into letting him place it in popular areas, objectors be damned. Water location proved not to be a make-it-or-break-it in the end, considering he chose not to go with the S.F. location on treasure island.

    Maybe Lucas was just worn down and settled for a non-water spot in L.A., but it makes the whole thing seem more petty to me on Lucas’ part.

  • Eric

    Indeed. If they really wanted to have the museum here they would have accepted the Michael Reese location, it has access to the lakefront and a Metra stop. That location would have done more for Chicagoans than “the parking lot”, which will *hopefully* be parkland within a decade.