Today’s Headlines for Thursday, January 5

  • Study: Buying & Renting in Chicago Area Strain the Budgets of Average Residents  (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Looks at New “Dennis’ Law,” Which Clarifies Cyclists’ Right to the Road
  • MPC Elects a New Chairperson and 5 New Board Members
  • 5 Teens Charged With Robbing Bicyclist at Gunpoint in South Loop (DNA)
  • Drivers Are Still Getting Used to the New Argyle “Shared Street” Parking Layout (DNA)
  • Metra Is Seeking Input From Customers for Their “Ride Nice” Courtesy Campaign (CBS)
  • Construction Starts on 160-Unit, 141-Space Development Near Roosevelt Station (Curbed)
  • Many of the Private Shuttles That Are Clogging Loop Link Lanes Are All-Electric (Efficient Gov)
  • Good News? Chicago Ridge Mall Named a Top Venue for “Mall Walking
  • City Survey: What Do You Think of the New Brighter Street Lights? (DNA)

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  • As I’ve said before: Parking confusion on Argyle is a feature not a bug. Confusion raises the net attention level. But confusion causes errors. Yes and the errors tend to be on the side of caution.

    The restaurateurs on the other hand have a legitimate concern about drunk drivers driving into their restaurants. A curb, while small and sometimes imperfect, is a real deterrent to bringing your car in with you when you go to a restaurant. For that one might consider street furniture.

  • JacobEPeters

    The development near roosevelt is a 320 unit development, 160 studios, 80 one beds, 80 two beds

  • what_eva

    Does anyone who works for local government understand that LEDs come in more than one color temperature?

    The street lights in the test and the lights on the new CTA buses are both really, really blue. The color temp is way too high.

    I made this mistake the first time I bought some LED bulbs for the can lights in my house. Bought ones around 5000K, way too blue. Took them back from some in the 2800K range, much softer and nicer.

    I rode a new 77 at night, the overly blue light is almost disorienting. Get something softer.