Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, December 20

  • After Berlin Truck Crash Kills 12, Security Tightened at Chicago’s Christkindlmarket (DNA)
  • CTA Offering Free Rides From 10 PM New Year’s Eve to 4 AM New Year’s Day (ABC)
  • Yesterday’s Deep-Freeze Delayed Almost Every Single Metra Line (ABC)
  • City Asks Residents to Weigh in on New LED Street Lights (Curbed)
  • Dozens of People Showed Up for Meetings on Extending the Skokie Valley Tail (Active Trans)
  • The 5 Most Popular (and Depressing) “Transit Diaries” Stories of 2016 (RedEye)
  • This Morning’s Bloomingdale Trail Report: The Path Is Still an Arctic Wasteland (FOTBT)
  • Milwaukee/Western TOD Will Feature Rooftop Bocce — What Could Go Wrong? (Curbed)
  • 4-Story Car Dealership Monstrosity to Replace Z Frank & Its Iconic “Googie” Sign (DNA)
  • Is It “Dibs” or a Legit Dumpster Permit? DNA Tracks Down the Truth

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  • Kevin M

    From the West Ridge Toyota dealership development:
    “In Oct. 2015, Emanuel’s office announced a tax incentive that would give
    the Toyota dealership a $1.5 million break over five years, and said
    the new facility would add 65 jobs to its current workforce of about 120

    Fellow Chicago citizens, by the work of our mayor, we’re helping some wealthy owners (who may not even live & spend their money in our local economy) build an expensive building to help prop-up their 20th Century business (whose profits are re-circulated far from Chicago’s economy) in 2016.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    Isn’t the sales tax for car purchases based on where the car is registered not where one lives? Maybe they might eventually make it back in property taxes….

  • Kevin M

    That may be true, but I was referring to Toyota Corp. profits.

    If we’re going to financially support transportation industries with public dollars, lets think beyond “jobs” and choose our options (transit, walking, biking, or cars) wisely for the greater & long-term health and benefit of the planet and people, and lets be thorough and honest with impact measurements such as safety, efficiency, and capacity.

  • planetshwoop

    It’s great that the Skokie Valley Trail is being expanded. I sincerely hope, however, that any new funding on trails in the area goes towards E-W capabilities. There are now 3 parallel trails that run N-S, and don’t intersect with the locations of the major employment centers (Deerfield, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods). Adding a path adjacent to Lake Cook Rd or Deerfield Road would exponentially expand the usefulness of the trails being built in Lake County.

    It’s great to take the train to Deerfield, but the routes to get to destinations west of there are simply unsafe. Expanding the network needs to be a priority, esp. since many municipalities have good trail networks in town. (Deerfield, Buffalo Grove)

    I’m not sure how trails are funded — as part of recreational uses or the road network. But since they always *seem* to be for recreation we keep missing important opportunities.

    (And I LOVE the Valley Line extension that was done in Lincolnwood — it is really really useful for me for getting to our doctor’s in Lincolnwood!)

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    The dealerships themselves are locally owned though or at least not actually owned by Toyota.

  • Kevin M

    Yes, but Toyota obviously financially benefits from their sales–all while being incorporated far from Chicago and not manufacturing anything near Chicago.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    Not sure how much of a difference it makes, I’m sure they would of built the dealership with or without the tax rates, maybe they would of went to the suburbs otherwise, but I doubt that makes a difference.