Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 16

  • IDOT Proposes Widening the Eisenhower to Add Tolled Lanes (Tribune)
  • 5 Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash Involving CTA Bus in Chatham (Tribune)
  • Driver Crashes Car Into Chicago Lawn Police Station (Tribune)
  • CTA, Union Conflict Could Halt Job Program for Ex-Offenders (DNA)
  • Mapping the West Loop Development Boom (Curbed)
  • Tribune’s Mary Wisniewski Talks About DePaul’s Idaho Stop Study (Chicago Tonight)
  • “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life”: WXRT‘s Jason Thomas’ Winter Cycling Survival Tips
  • Putting the “Abs” in “Cabbies”: Taxi Drivers Create Pin-Up Calendar for Charity (DNA)

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  • I’m not sure widening the Ike, for anything, is going to help. Oak Park will never permit it (without concessions IDOT has been refusing for years), and that’s where the real bottleneck happens. If the tolled lanes dump you out at Central, that’ll only augment the effect.

  • Kevin M

    IDOT is still trying to drive our way out of gridlock.

  • what_eva

    According to the article, it’s adding a 4th lane each direction from Mannheim to Austin (making it 4 lanes the whole way) and tolling the center lane from I-88 to Racine (ie tolling the existing lane from Austin to Racine).

  • planetshwoop

    If they do this, we *must* demand improvements to the el stations there. The endless walk from the station down to the platform at the Oak Park Blue line station is a case in point.

  • The only way Oak Park will let them widen is if they change an awful lot about how the entire expressway works, including roofing it over through the village. This has been their position for over a decade. The center exits/on ramps were also required by the village.

    I’m not sure what deal IDOT thinks they have set up to get those lanes shoved through as far as Austin.