The Cubs World Series Victory Parade Transforms the Streets of Lakeview

Clark Street south of Wrigley Field. Photo: John Greenfield

If you’ll indulge this bandwagon-jumper in a bit more Cubs-mania (don’t worry, we’ll have another serious post or two today), I thought SBC readers might enjoy a few shots of how the in-progress Cubs victory parade has filled the streets of the Lakeview neighborhood with humans instead of motor vehicles. It’s more evidence that some of the most memorable moments in cities can happen when right of way is used for something other than just moving and storing metal boxes.

Addison Street west of the ballpark. Photo: John Greenfield
Halsted Street south of Addison. Photo: John Greenfield

A Cubs “W” flag and many others under the Red Line tracks at Newport. Photo: John Greenfield
A double-decker bus bus full of Cubs personnel and their families passes by Broadway, south of Addison. Photo: John Greenfield
One of the buses passes by Cornelia Avenue on Lake Shore Drive en route to the massive downtown rally. Photo: John Greenfield


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