Today’s Headlines for Monday, October 10

  • Matthew Strait, 33, Found Dead in Zion From a Presumed Hit-and-Run (Sun-Times)
  • Bonnie Tarkowski, 70, Fatally Struck in Northwest-Suburban Ingleside (Sun-Times)
  • Man Charged With Hit-and-Run That Injured 2 Women in Lincoln Park (Sun-Times)
  • There’s Some Neighborhood Opposition to South Loop Bikeway Plans (Gazette)
  • Plans for Luxury Condo Involve Demolishing Busy Loop Pedestrian Staircase (Tribune)
  • CTA Investigating Video of Man Apparently Hanging Onto Outside of ‘L’ Car (Tribune)
  • Frankly, Decision to Repaint Bridge Vienna-Beef Red Is a Wiener, I Mean Winner (Tribune)

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  • Re: Outside train-car L Guy

    At first I just assumed it was done at Monroe on the Red Line. We see some white tile and some close iron posts go by and even a red bordered lighted sign on the L car on the other track.

    Then I realized that the train was going the wrong way for Monroe. From inside a car in the loop the station would go from right to left facing the platform. But In the picture the station is going from left to right.

    Can one flip a video? If so then maybe back to Monroe as the station.

  • Anne A

    About the South Loop meeting for bike-ped changes, I’m surprised that any residents about 9th and Plymouth would think that wayfinding. signage would increase bike traffic, unless they are VERY new to living there.

    This not-so-secret bike route has been part of the route for Four Star/BLT at least 3 times in the last 12 years.

  • ardecila

    The entitled residents of Dearborn Park think that ANY through traffic in their neighborhood will somehow wreak havoc like the hordes of Genghis Khan.

    The article also mentioned that the Dearborn and Harrison PBLs will be upgraded to concrete!! :D