Today’s Headlines for Friday, September 30

  • Cyclist Loses Foot After Being Hit by Turning Truck Driver at Roosevelt/Wood (ABC)
  • After Driver Strikes N. Chicago Boy, Trashing His Bike, Police Buy Him a New One (Tribune)
  • Hoboken Crash Puts Pressure on Metra to Implement Positive Train Control (CBS)
  • Signal Problems Make Logan Traffic Circle More Dangerous Than Ever (Chicagoist)
  • DNA: Taxi Use Down 23 Percent This Year in Chicago Due to Ride-Share
  • Chicago Taxi Data: Busiest & Slowest Days, Average Tips, Etc. (DNA)
  • CDOT Starts Construction on the Wells-Wentworth Connector (DNA)
  • Aerial shows How Highway Form the Borders Between Bridgeport and Chinatown (DNA)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    I was biking through the Logan traffic circle yesterday right as all the lights at the Kedzie/Milwaukee intersection went red except for northbound Milwaukee, which was frozen in the yellow light phase. It got very dicey very quickly.

    I was also kinda stunned that when I called 911, they hadn’t heard that the issue was occurring. Clearly people were navigating their way through the intersection, then completely forgetting about it.

  • I wish that last DNA story (aerial photos) actually marked any street names or navigational aids. I know that area fairly well and I can’t figure out (without checking on Google Maps) what’s where or how the picture is even oriented.

  • Jeff Omiecinski

    Heading west on Logan through Milwaukee I’ve just come to assume southbound traffic is going to keep coming after my light turns green and enter the intersection cautiously. The current misconfiguration also leads to northbound Milwaukee traffic backing up into the Logan intersection because Kedzie is red but Logan is still green (making it hard to see if southbound traffic is stopping). That light timing has always been rather poor in that there was never a delay between the red in one direction and the green for the intersecting street.

    Can’t wait for the Bicentennial project–I just hope it’s done in a way that it is clear to turning cars to yield to bikes at all intersections. Southbound Kedzie traffic exiting the square rarely stops for pedestrians as it is now.

  • what_eva

    north is up, Cermak is right at the top of the picture. Stevenson cuts e/w across the middle, Ryan’s S curve dominates the shot. Along the east side is the Ryan’s ramps to the Stevenson and Cermak (which is how I could tell Cermak is at the top, the end of the ramps)

  • JacobEPeters

    Chicago Taxi Data link seems to be broken

  • Henry

    I’ve called 911 twice about that intersection in recent months: once when it was frozen exactly as you described (a few weeks ago)**, and once when it had a “red AND green” for SB Kedzie while NB Milwaukee had a green at the same time! I’ve also seen the controller hesitate and partially freeze several other times – normally I mentally time it to bike through safely, but recently it’s been terribly inconsistent.

    The “normal” sequence for years gives WB Logan and SB Kedzie overlapping greens with a 5-10 sec delay on the Kedzie green signal. This prevents trucks and buses on Milwaukee from getting stuck on that little slice of Milwaukee north of the circle. Several times recently after “repairing” the controller, the signals have immediately been left out of sync which can cause major backups on Milwaukee.

    **(On the first call, the 911 operator initially replied “Well you should be treating those red lights like a stop sign!” and to not call 911 if it wasn’t an emergency.)

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.


Today’s Headlines for Thursday, April 9

Tribune‘s Misleading Traffic Camera Coverage Wins “Fairness in Journalism” Award Pawar Approves Zoning Change for Montrose Green TOD Project (DNA) SUV Driver Dies After Crashing Into Pole on 600 Block of North Milwaukee (DNA) Police Release Security Cam Images of Suspects in Green Line Cell Phone Thefts (Tribune) 2 Men Say Taxi Driver Kicked Them […]

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Mother of Girl Fatally Struck by Bus Driver Is Suing the CTA (Sun-Times, NBC) CDOT Launches Construction of Sidewalk Bike Lanes on Roosevelt (DNA) Looks Like Durbin Has Scored $120 Million for Red/Purple Rehab (Crain’s) Blue and Green Line Disruptions This Weekend for Construction (DNA) Arlington Heights Holding Series of Meetings on New Bike Plan […]

Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 25

CMAP Gets Ready to Launch the ON TO 2050 Plan (Delayed Until Next Wednesday) (WTTW) After Years of Complaints About Scant Service, Metra Is Adding a Run to Heritage Line (CTJ) Despite Judge’s Ruling, City Won’t Be Refunding Cam Tickets Any Time Soon (DNA) TransitCenter: Why Can’t CHI & NYC Transit Catch Up to Where […]

Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, January 12

The Illiana Tollway May Not Be Completely Dead Yet (Herald) Illinois’ Loss of Population Is Bad News for Our Infrastructure (MPC) CDOT’s Sean Wiedel Talks About the Future of Divvy (SUMC) Driver Fatally Struck 61-Year-Old Woman in the Ashburn Neighborhood (Sun-Times) Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injured 2 Pedestrians in Austin on New Year’s Day (DNA) Driver […]

Today’s Headlines

Transpo Professionals Respond to Tom Kaeser’s  Anti-BRT Letter (Sun-Times) Metra Board to Interview 4 CEO Candidates, Including Orseno (Sun-Times) Death of Tollway Worker Exposes Weakness in Trucking Regulations (Tribune) SUV Driver Killed Female Pedestrian in East Side Hit-and-Run (Tribune) 2 Injured in North Park Pileup (Sun-Times) Metra Passengers Stranded on UP West Train for 3 […]

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State of Illinois Providing $10 Million to Expand Safe Passages Program (Tribune) Sun-Times Is Bankrolling Free CTA Rides for CPS Students on First Day (RedEye) 15 Injured After O’Hare Shuttle Bus Driver Crashes Into Median (Sun-Times) Flooding Has Put a Damper on Riverwalk Construction Work (Curbed) City Study Finds Taxi Drivers Make $12.14 an Hour, […]