Today’s Headlines for Monday, August 29

  • Jessie Rosales, 45, Fatally Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver in North Lawndale (Sun-Times)
  • Denise Cavada, 49, Fatally Struck in Her Car by Driver Who Fled the Scene (ABC)
  • John Weighs in on New Law Clarifying Bicyclists’ Equal Rights on the Road (DNA)
  • CDOT Official Convicted in RedFlex Scandal May Get 10-30 Years Today (Tribune)
  • Tribune Looks at How Ventra Negatively Impacts Social Service Providers
  • Crain’s to Lawmakers: Jumpstart Negotiations Over Western Access Road to O’Hare
  • 47th Ward Will Use Menu Money for Pedestrian Countdown Signals (DNA)
  • Curbed Asks: What Are the Best Public Plazas in Chicago?
  • Will The New Bike Shop in the “High Fidelity” Storefront Make Your Top 5 List? (DNA)
  • It’s Getting Real in the Metra Quiet Car (Chicago Magazine)
  • What Did You Do on Your Bike This Summer? Share Your Epic Story on The Chainlink
  • National Shared Use Mobility Summit Takes Place October 17-19 in Chicago (SUMC)

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  • Carter O’Brien

    There’s a really nice podcast with Daniel Kay Herst that goes well with coffee and cranking through the Monday morning workload:

    “Why are your house, block, and city the way that they are? Daniel Kay Hertz has some ideas, and he’s excited to share them with you. Hertz is an urban planner and Chicagoan who breaks down and reshapes housing and transportation policy in ways that illuminate how this city works, and often doesn’t work. Get your crash course with the sexiest AirGo episode of all time.”

  • ohsweetnothing

    Ha. Judging by the DNA info article and some of the comments, they clearly aren’t aware of what Rapha is as a brand concept. This won’t be a sorta-crunchy (I mean that in a good way promise) Rapid Transit style shop. We’re talking $$$.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Nice DNA article on the bicycle legislation. I found this interesting 2013 study on IDOT’s Class II and Class III truck routes. The study notes changes were being proposed, I wonder if existing and proposed bike routes were in any way part of the process…

  • I’m a bit hesitant to call the “new Illinois law was signed into law that clarified that
    Illinois bicyclists are to receive all the same rights in traffic situations
    involving the right-of-way as the drivers of motor vehicles…” a good thing.

    To me bicycles ought to have more rights than a motor vehicle.

  • Jared Kachelmeyer

    If cyclists have all the same rights are bike bans on certain roadways legal?

  • planetshwoop

    Given so much of the controversy about bikes and cars is always about who is the bigger offender at stopping/rolling stop signs and traffic lights, I have to wonder: can they be replaced? I feel like this has been an area where CDOT’s experiments haven’t yet touched. Are roundabouts an option? Ped refuges at the large 6 corner spots? Taking some stop signs out but compensating with features to slow everyone down?

    I am not a planner but the “people should stop at stop signs” is clearly not working for anyone. So can’t we start to play with that design some too?

  • Carter O’Brien

    First they would need to do some major education regarding the distinction between true roundabouts and traffic calming circles. This document reveals what appears to be fairly wishful thinking by IDOT on that front:…/2015/…/IL_Roundabout_brochure_FINAL.pd

  • planetshwoop

    Sure. How about both? The point is to change the design of the streets beyond the overabundance of signs and explicit instructions are ignored by cars and bikes equally. I mean we’ve been doing education about crossing train tracks for a long time (Operation Lifesaver) along with CTA efforts too. If there’s interest, it could be done, and something more than a city sticker.

    (Also, that link didn’t work for me.)

  • planetshwoop

    Sure they are — there are bans on farm equipment in places which probably have a “richer” history in terms of how to be treated in the law. (IANAL, btw.)

  • FPJ
  • FPJ

    On this issue, though: Are roundabouts generally considered better for pedestrians? On a trip I’ve taken to a roundabout-using country (NZ) that is also auto oriented, I have to say my experience was mixed. I was largely getting around on foot so I had to cross traffic circles regularly. I would stand there and try to make eye contact, but people would just keep driving. They’d only yield when I would take that first, risky step out in front of the on-coming cars. At least they were slowing down in order to handle the curve….

  • Carter O’Brien

    In a word, money. Changing the design of the streets when we can’t even stay on op pothole repair is a tall order.

    I think the Logan Monument plan – if it ever happens – could be a gamechanger. We need a few awesome roundabouts just to help get people acquainted with them.


Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, December 15

Active Trans Urges City to Add Prepaid Boarding to Loop Link, Seeks BRT Outreach Volunteers City’s Law Department Files New Charges Against RedFlex (DNA) Man Fatally Struck While Trying to Run Across At-Grade Brown Line Crossing at Kedzie (Tribune) 3 Injured After After Drivers Crash and Car Goes Through Skokie Storefront (Sun-Times) Crowdfunding Campaign Launched […]

Today’s Headlines

New Retail Complex at CTA Garage Site Will Include 366 Car Spots, 50 Bike Spaces (DNA) Man Fatally Struck While Walking on Section of Golf Road With No Sidewalks (Tribune) Off-Duty Waukegan Police Officer Killed in Single-Car Crash (Tribune) 4 Kids Hurt When SUV Driver Hits Horse-Drawn Carriage; No Charges Filed (Tribune) After Montrose Beach […]

Today’s Headlines

Metra May Join Ventra Soon (DNA) Hilkevitch Eats His Words on Divvy (Tribune) Divvy Stat Junkies, Feast Your Eyes on This (Tribune) Governor Signs Statewide Ban of Cell Phone Use While Driving (Tribune) SUV Driver Killed in Crash on Kennedy in Bucktown (Tribune) Pickup Truck Driver Killed in New Lenox Rollover Crash (Tribune) Off-Duty Chicago […]

Today’s Headlines

Illinois Approves Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants (Tribune, Sun-Times, DNA) Inbound Service on South Shore Line Trains Suspended After Derailment (Tribune, Sun Times) Report Shows Roughly Half of Children Struck by Cars Are Near a School (Tribune) Driver Who Fatally Struck Couple Changing Tire in Ashburn Arrested (NBC) Better Ped and Bike Access Recommended to […]

Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, July 21

Arena Uses His Car to Blockade CDOT Project to Close Stretch of Wilson in Jeff Park (DNA) Construction Begins on Argyle Shared Street (Tribune) Critics: Metra’s Mobile App Leaves Behind Seniors, Low-Income Residents (Tribune) Opinion: Ride-Sharing Apps Help Prevent Racial Profiling by Cab Drivers (Sun-Times) Driver Fatally Strikes Woman in Tinley Park, Flees the Scene […]

Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, October 27

66 Arrested for Blocking King Drive During Protest of Police Chiefs Conference (Tribune) Emanuel Proposes Additional $0.02 Fee for Uber, Using Revenue to Cut Costs for Cabbies (Tribune) Driver Fatally Strikes Bike Rider in West Humboldt Park (DNA) After Cyclist Was Injured at Fullerton/Halsted/Lincoln, DNA Looks at Safety Issues Keating: Driver Who Struck Cyclist in […]