Today’s Headlines for Thursday, August 4

  • Attack on Red Line Was the 3rd Stabbing in a CTA Train or Station This Summer (Tribune)
  • Herald: Death of Cyclist in Trail Crosswalk Highlights Need to Change Driver Behavior
  • Ald. Raymond Lopez: Traffic Circles & Speed Humps Can Help Deter Gang Crimes (DNA)
  • Motorcyclist Who Ran Red, Fatally Struck Woman in LSD Crosswalk Gets 3 Years (CBS)
  • New State Law Defines What It Means to Be Driving Under the Influence of Pot (Reader)
  • Randolph/Fulton Association Wants More Stoplights, Stop Signs on Lake (DNA)
  • Studios in Logan Square’s Twin Towers TOD Will Rent for Almost $1,500 (Curbed)
  • Homeless in Uptown Viaducts Unhappy With City’s Plan to House Them (DNA)
  • $50K Budget for Wicker Security Means Less Money for Transportation (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Promotes #NotaCTABus Campaign to Encourage Loop Link Enforcement
  • Active Trans‘ “Ride ‘N Seek” Scavenger Hunt Takes Place Through 8/12
  • South Side Critical Mass Tours the Beverly Neighborhood on Friday, August 19

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  • Jeremy

    I’m sorry, but this Loop Link Twitter protest is a waste of time. CDOT, CPD, and CTA know this is an issue and nothing is being done. They just don’t care (same with enforcing yielding at crosswalks).

  • Anne A

    The Herald piece about the need for change in driver behavior highlights a culture change we should all be fighting for. It starts with each of us. Do WE stop for peds and cyclists in crosswalks? If we are passengers and the driver fails to stop, do we call them out for it or silently let it slide?

    I have blogged about this problem in my neighborhood and extended the reach of those blog pieces through Twitter and Facebook and forwarding the blog piece to a large neighborhood organization. I’ve encouraged other people to share the blog piece and write about it.

    In the months since I first started this, I’ve seen an increasing number of drivers in the neighborhood stop when a pedestrian steps off the curb, or even stop voluntarily before the ped steps off the curb. I’m seeing more peds stepping out and asking drivers to stop, too. If enough of us speak out with actions AND words, we can make a difference.

  • Anne A

    Looking forward to South Side Critical Mass on 8/19. Who’s riding?

  • Ben Stewart

    I’ve got a similar concern about a crosswalk in my neighborhood. I’ve seen very little enforcement against speeding or motorist violations of the crosswalk. I’d like to file a FOIA request to get a sense of how often (or rarely) motorists are ticketed by my village police force for speeding or crosswalk violations on this stretch of road over the past few years. Does anyone have advice (or know where to get advice) on filing such a wide-scope FOIA?

  • J. Geoff Rove

    On Wednesday traffic in the Loop was a total cluster… No TMA aides at all and Monroe down to ONE lane in front of Palmer Hotel due to plodding construction. Is every officer on vacation this week ?

  • Which village?

  • I know/I agree.
    We’re aiming for shaming the corporations whose drivers are doing this.

  • “Ald. Raymond Lopez: Traffic Circles & Speed Humps Can Help Deter Gang Crimes”

    I’m curious about this proposal and it makes some sense. If it’s harder to drive around a neighborhood, then one may drive less within that neighborhood.

  • johnaustingreenfield


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  • Ben Stewart

    Western springs

  • Anne A

    I’ve had similar experiences. I think I’ve told the story here before about an incident on 103rd St. some time ago. I was driving in the left lane past a park and noticed an older lady up ahead trying to cross the street with her dog. I slowed and stopped. At first, traffic in the right lane wasn’t stopping, but people started getting the hint when they saw that I’d stopped.

    The lady started to cross. She was in front of my car when a guy behind me started honking like crazy, then passed me on the LEFT – on the striped median area (not a legal driving lane). The lady saw him and stopped in front of my car to wait. The road raging driver was a silver haired man who was yelling out the window and gesturing with his hands while accelerating. Real special.

    After Mr. Road Rage passed, the lady was able to continue crossing and get to the park because drivers in the other direction had actually stopped at that point.

  • what_eva

    I would think this could be shown with some statistics. There are plenty of areas that have added lots of speed humps and traffic circles in recent years. Did it impact gang activity?

    It seems plausible, as it makes it harder to make a getaway.

  • Carter O’Brien

    Might be hard to actually prove causation as opposed to correlation, though.

    Speed humps and traffic circles often flow into areas where neighbors band together and petition for them – those kinds of networks also are used to create 911 phone trees/neighborhood watch groups, etc.

  • what_eva

    I’d take correlation over an alderman’s musings

  • BlueFairlane

    I kind of doubt the corporations care all that much, either, as their customer base is only interested in whether their people are getting where they need to go quickly. This is an instance where what you call shame the businesses and their customers call success.

  • planetshwoop

    Who are the customers here? I very much doubt Aon or Prudential would be enjoying having their names associated to illegal behavior and would be address this with The Free Enterprise System. The riders don’t pay, the companies do, so calling some attention to them might encourage the coach companies.

  • Maybe some Streetsblog readers ride those buses and work in those buildings and are unhappy with the practice. One of the first steps in any advocacy campaign is to document the problem.