Today’s Headlines for Friday, July 22

  • Local Leaders Respond to GOP’s Anti-Transit Platform (Crain’s)
  • #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Arrested for Blocking Roadway in Lawndale (Tribune)
  • Tribune Endorses Proposal for Rapid Transit, Fare Integration on Metra Electric Line
  • Waukegan Woman Is 2nd Person Killed This Week by Driver on Sidewalk (Tribune)
  • Suspect Killed, Bike Cop Injured in Shootout by 18th St. Pedestrian Tunnel (Tribune)
  • Following Attack, Chicago’s “Walking Man” Is Out of Hospital, in Good Spirits (Tribune)
  • Neighbors Support Zoning Change to Allow 197-Unit Tower by Wilson ‘L’ (DNA)
  • Seating Plaza Added as Part of Low-Line Market by Southport ‘L’ Stop (DNA)
  • Reilly Proposes Crackdown on Party Buses (Sun-Times)

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  • Jeff Gio

    blocking roadways should not be an arrestable offense… it’s just repurposing public spaces for pedestrians and civic action!

  • ardecila

    I’m not sure my eyes can roll far enough on the party bus issue.

    I mean, they’re irritating, but they don’t seem like a pressing public problem except for a handful of well-heeled downtown residents with their panties in a twist (the very same downtown residents who are likely to hire such buses for birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc). #FirstWorldProblems

  • Pet P

    It’s just yet another case of an alderman looking for a way to shake down a company for cash. Business as usual in Chicago.

  • Pet P

    How about I repurpose a bike lane for some civic action?

  • Pat

    Considering bike lanes are a part of the roadway, I think he’s ok with it.

  • Of course. What did you have in mind?

  • Anne A

    In some situations, they can create a serious public safety issue. With more people carrying guns, some of those guns end up on party buses in the hands of drunk people, with bad results. I agree that these can be a real drain on police resources. I hear about this issue from officers I know – people who have to deal with problems that spew from the party buses.

  • ardecila

    Yeah, but how is that different than a problem bar? You’ll always have a few bad apples, and cops should be prepared to deal with those. The overwhelming majority of “party buses” are rented by relatively wealthy, educated people looking for a night of debauchery; guns aren’t part of the equation.

    Personally, I don’t know why you would run one of these businesses and allow patrons to bring guns on board your vehicles.

  • Pet P

    Park my car on it as a protest against bike lanes. You support my First Amendment rights to conduct civic actions, right?

  • david vartanoff

    How nice to see the Trib speak up for the Gray Line Project. (albeit not by name). Once the ventra card readers are installed on MED, Rock Island and South Shore Line platforms fare integration w/ CTA is just political haggling. The ideal should be any CTA fare valid as far south/east as Blue Island/Wildwood (former MED station at 130th which should be restored)/Hegewisch should be honored both on MED, Rock Island trains, and new MED trains running to Hegewisch as well as the South Chicago Branch. Restoring the 4 removed stations on the CSS&SB between Kensington and Hegewisch will serve the same areas as the Red extension is supposed to do. Adding back short headways on MED, (when I was young the former IC ran 20′ apart all day, 30 in the evenings. and as a second phase the Rock Island will bring faster commutes to all destinations. Given the increasing employment opportunities outside the CBD, cutting commute times is a critical need.

  • Anne A

    The ones that cause the biggest problems are rented by gangbangers with drug money. Officers I know have dealt with the results around clubs and hotels. That is a growing problem, as are out of control parties at hotels in and around downtown.

    Wealthy people – perhaps? Educated – on the street.

    If there’s an out-of-control situation, it can be MUCH worse than a problem bar because it’s mobile.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    You should exercise your right to not come to this site since you obviously disagree with everything in it, and use your time more wisely.

  • Absolutely I support your right to park your car in a bike lane as a protest. And If you do it well and get arrested and have your picture splashed on some front page even better. It is people like you who are willing to fight for their beliefs against tyranny that make the world a better place.


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