Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 30

  • Monique Garcia: State Budget Deal Would Let Chicago Create Transit TIFs
  • Good Samaritan Stabbed After Trying to Stop Harassment of Mom & Kids on CTA Bus (Fox)
  • 3 Injured After Driver Crashes Into Wilmette Salon (Sun-Times)
  • A Report of Armed Robbery on the Lakefront Trail Near 43rd Street (The Chainlink)
  • Did Fire Department Official Get Preferential Treatment After His DUI? (Sun-Times)
  • Locked Path Bollards Blamed for Delaying Ambulance on Great Western Trail (ABC)
  • City of Evanston Is Installing a Protected Bike Lane on Dodge Between Howard & Lake
  • Upgraded Metra Website Includes Real-Time Info on Train Locations (Sun-Times)
  • Police & Metra Hold “Operation Lifesaver Station Safety Blitz” in Buffalo Grove (CBS)
  • Suburban Woman Allegedly Slapped Firefighter While Riding Divvy (DNA)
  • Shirtless Man Lives the Dream by Pretending to Drive CTA Bus (DNA)

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  • Transit TIFs: We need to increase taxes not rob Peter to pay Paul. Taking money away from schools to fund transit is not wise. It is just a way to pit parents and teachers against transit users. Us against us. Both systems need more funding. If you want to redistribute wealth there are tried and true methods developed during the great depression of the 1930s when things were worse than they are now. Basically they n(we) prevented excess profits and concentration of wealth in way too few hands. It is the major reason why we did so well in the 1950s and 1960s economically. It is still called progressive taxation. Instead, Illinois and Chicago depend upon regressive taxation. None of this is new. We have just allowed ourselves to be hood-winked into thinking that the rich are somehow good at economics. And they are good at the economics of enriching themselves at our expense. Sorry for the rant.

  • Chicagoan

    As the youths say, “Get it!”.

  • Chicagoan

    More architecture news, but:

    President Obama just chose Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects for the Obama Presidential Center.

    Anyone have some strong thoughts on this, positively or negatively?

  • Kevin M

    I whole-heartedly agree with all of this. TIFs are a convuluted solution to a simple wealth/resource inequity problem.