Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 23

  • Teacher, Husband Accidentally Struck and Killed While Biking by Former Student, 16 (ABC)
  • Cyclist, 61, Struck at Wilson/LFT in Critical Condition, Driver Received 3 Citations (DNA)
  • Metra Passenger Injured by Brick Thrown at Window Near 18th & Western (ABC)
  • Less-Strict Ride-Share Ordinance Passes Council; Progressive Caucus Outraged (DNA)
  • CTA Seeks Input on Plan to Renovate West Side Blue Line Stations (AWN)
  • Pace & CTA Want Input on Options for Improving North Shore Transit (Active Trans)
  • Plan for McDonalds HQ, a 3-Minute Walk From ‘L’, Includes Tons of Parking (Tribune)
  • “Towing Bill of Rights” Passed in Response to Misconduct by Lincoln Towing (DNA)
  • Divvy: We Saw a 20% Spike in Ridership During Train Delays Due to Gas Leak (DNA)
  • CNT CEO Kathy Tholin Is Leaving the Organization After 38 Years (Active Trans)
  • Flowers for Dreams Delivers Bouquets by Bicycle (Crain’s)
  • A Comprehensive List of Restrooms Along the Chicago Riverwalk (Tribune)

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  • Pat

    Re: Blue Line

    Why stop at Clinton? Lasalle is in need of some serious upgrades too.

  • Ahh, Lincoln Towing. Continuing to live up to Steve Goodman’s song even decades later.

  • Pat

    Isn’t saying the Morris couple was accidentally struck and killed the same as calling it an accident? The driver was cited for failure to reduce speed. Seems more like negligence than an accident.

    There certainly will be a black cloud over BikeMS this weekend and my thoughts are with their family.

  • Chicagoan

    If I’m not mistaken, McDonald’s mentioned that they plan to operate a shuttle to/from the Morgan St. Green Line/Pink Line station, which is quite baffling when considering that the station is a couple of blocks away.

    Did they mean the Ogilvie and Union terminals?

    There’s a lot of good in the design, though. On this site, all of the parking will be underground, which is great.

    Also, the main entrance will be located on Carpenter St., which means they’ll leave the portion of the building fronting Randolph St. for storefronts. I’m sure that they’ll fill up fast.

  • Jeff Carlson

    Clinton Blue Line really needs an elevator because of its proximity to Union Station and Greyhound. People are always hauling suitcases up and down the stairs.

  • cjlane

    “driver was cited for failure to reduce speed”

    The statute provides (among other things):

    “Speed must be decreased as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person or vehicle on or entering the highway in compliance with legal requirements and the duty of all persons to use due care.”

    So, the fact that he hit them, means that he had violated the statute.

    In theory, the driver of a car moving at less than 1 mile per hour (eg, in drive, but foot off the accelerator) that strikes anyone/any vehicle, is in violation of that statute, as s/he failed to reduce speed *completely* to avoid the collision.

    Apparently(/supposedly), it is an almost default citation to the driver of the vehicle creating the collision.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I believe there’s a difference between saying someone was accidentally struck and saying an event was an accident. I was trying to make it clear that the student wasn’t trying to run over his former teacher. Perhaps it would have been better to write “unintentionally.”

  • cjlane

    Haven’t you heard? The city is the GD *Wild West*, and everyone is constantly being shot at!

    I expect that a Morgan shuttle is a sop to their (currently) mostly suburban-dwelling work force, who might be afraid of walking two blocks in the big bad city, and the reality is that there will be a Metra shuttle that runs a Washington/Canal/Adams/Aberdeen(??) loop, at least initially, and perhaps perpetually.

  • Pat

    I very much agree with everything you said and we still don’t know all the facts either. A 16 year old hitting two cyclists from behind who were traveling in the same direction screams distracted driving, but we’ll see how the investigation plays out.

    I was just curious to how that headline fits in with Streetsblog’s general narrative to remove the term “accident” from the lexicon for things like this. I do realize that issue hasn’t really been covered locally by Streetsblog Chicago.

  • planetshwoop

    Almost certainly some of the parking will be for vendors, suppliers, and visitors, not just employees.

  • ‘Unintentionally’ is better. ‘Accident’ generally assumes that negligence isn’t to blame.

  • Anne A

    1000x yes! Lack of accessibility at this station is ridiculous.

  • Anne A

    It seems absolutely ridiculous that they would run a shuttle bus TWO blocks to Morgan station. I agree that a Metra shuttle seems more logical.

  • Anne A

    Agreed, Plenty of people take the Rock Island to the Loop with their suitcases and switch either to the blue line to get to O’Hare or orange line to Midway. Accessibility at LaSalle would be a huge help.

  • Chicagoan

    It’s shocking. Honestly, by the time you wait for enough of your colleagues to fill a shuttle, you could be there. You could walk over, stop into Federales for a cerveza and a plate of ceviche and still get there before them.

  • rohmen

    Maybe from a journalistic or general populace perspective, but I find “accidental” is the more commonly used term when talking about what amounts to “unintentional” conduct in the legal world.

    Speaking as a lawyer, and one that actually very regularly has to address whether conduct is intentional or unintentional and what impact that has on insurance, I can tell you the use of the term “accident” does not generally denote a lack of “negligence” anywhere besides in these type of usage debates.

  • ardecila

    Guys, I’m pretty sure there is only one shuttle route planned. Morgan is just one stop along the route. It’s not really necessary, but I’m sure the relocation team wants to demonstrate that they’re covering all their bases re: commuting by connecting with CTA. Honestly a Blue Line connection at Grand or Halsted would be useful, but it would probably add too many minutes of delay to the overall route.

  • ardecila

    Because LaSalle is part of the Dearborn subway whereas Clinton is part of the Forest Park branch. Operationally, CTA considers them to be two different segments, and they were actually constructed roughly 15 years apart due to a work stoppage during WW2.

    Also, there is a focus on Clinton as part of the Union Station master plan. A pedway connection is planned, and probably expansion of the station mezzanine at Clinton. Megabus will move its loading to Clinton as well, so passengers can wait semi-sheltered under the viaduct.