Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, June 21

  • No Charges for Driver Who Struck & Killed Teen Who Was Mowing Lawn (Tribune)
  • Unlicensed Teen Drives Car Into Norridge IHOP, Injuring 7 (Tribune)
  • Letter: Widow of a Fallen Cyclist Responds to Katz’s Blaine Klingenberg Op-Ed (Tribune)
  • TV Star Allegedly Punched Other Driver After Crash on Taylor Street (Tribune)
  • Witnessing a Seizure Episode on the ‘L’ (RedEye)
  • Residents Thrilled About Return of Lincoln Bus, Despite Limited Hours (DNA)
  • Chicago Reporter Looks at Campaign for Rapid Service on Metra Electric
  • Seeking a Compromise, Emanuel Postpones Vote on Ride-Share Ordinance (Sun-Times)
  • Active Trans Looks at the Proposal for a Robust Neighborhood Greenway on Manor
  • Chicago Hasn’t Had Streetcar Service in Nearly 60 Years (DNA)
  • Gdańsk, Poland’s, Chief of Innovation Will Appear at Chi Hack Night Tonight

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  • When the Manor Greenway proposal says they want to “reduce cut-through traffic” at Wilson and Manor, I’m not sure what direction they’re talking about? I agree, that intersection is a NIGHTMARE, but all directions of traffic need to make the turns/straights they’re taking.

    If they mean making it impossible to proceed northwards on Mozart up Manor, that’s really annoying. The entire neighborhood is almost impossible to get into already because of the maze of one-way streets (often turning one-way against you), and contains businesses and residences that need to be accessed by people who don’t already have the grid memorized. It took me five months of my kid being in ballet school at Eastwood and Francisco to work out how to circle for parking without going a half hour out of my way — and how to end up eastbound on Eastwood at all.

    Having driven through Manor/Mozart/Wilson, I have no idea how you’d make that intersection less of a nightmare without clear signals, say a traffic light instead of the current five-way stop with all corners so far away that it’s hard for drivers to actually catch each other’s eye and yield right of way in a functional sense.

    I know that residents would prefer that nobody ever go through their neighborhood for any reason, but adding MORE ways for people to think they can get through and be met by do-not-enters or one-way-against-you options is not a way to get calmer drivers.

    I agree that that stretch of Manor is plagued by people who want to go 40+ mph and never yield, but it’s also true that the part between Wilson and the train tracks is too narrow to physically permit two-way traffic if there are parked vehicles on both sides. You have to stop at an alley and let people through, then pass in your direction — and very often, there’s a line of cars insisting they can get through and you end up waiting quite a long time for your “turn”.

  • I’ll have a post up later today.

    The quick answer is that, no, not all directions need to make turns. Not every intersection needs to allow every movement. There are multiple roads and intersections so there’s never just one way to get places. The cut-through traffic is people avoiding driving on arterial or 1/2 mile streets like Kedzie and Western.

  • And what about people trying to access stuff (residential or commercial) between Wilson and the train tracks? Right now there are zero good options besides coming north up Manor.

    The left turn in from Lawrence is deadly, with people honking madly behind you if you dare to pause for ten seconds with your blinker on, and the eastbound traffic almost never has a break to use.

  • This is complete NIMBYism. It’s not like people in Ravenswood Manor aren’t driving through everyone else’s neighborhood… this gated community mentality needs to be put to sleep. People use Manor because the street which theoretically should be an arterial, California, prohibits northbound driving from Montrose.

    Kedzie isn’t anything even remotely approaching an arterial at this longitude btw. Western is, but making traffic from west of the river go all the way to Western to double back to go to say, Swedish Covenant hospital, is the city cutting off its nose to spite its face.

  • It’s Manor and Wilson they want to choke, and coming up California (if you legally could) would still hit that intersection, because California doesn’t go through.

    The one that would divert traffic if they un-one-wayed it is Sacramento, which goes through just fine, is one way from Wilson in BOTH directions, so you can’t come up it from Montrose or down it from Lawrence. It even has a traffic light so you’d be able to make the left from westbound Lawrence down onto it — if it were two-way.

  • Except that Sacramento isn’t an arterial. California, which is halfway between Kedzie and Western, is. Sacramento also stops a bit south of here) The river obviously causes challenges, but the issue is crossing from North-to-South and vv between Western and Kedzie.

  • Great. If you want me to use California as an arterial, it ends against Manor, and therefore I should continue north up Manor — through the “cut over” at Manor and Wilson.

    Or else figure out a reroute that doesn’t involve going as far as Kedzie or Western.

    Go ahead, I’ve tried. Sacramento is the best option, though you might need to kill parking on one side to get two comfortable car lanes. I’m not sure about that, though. It may just be a “be careful when passing” street like Keeler is between Belle Plaine and Montrose.

  • I don’t think you’re following me, this is a chicken-egg issue. California is the existing artery that gets ruptured. Manor is the existing and logical alternative route, not Sacramento. If we want to address problematic drivers on Manor – and of course there are plenty – that requires enforcement of traffic laws, not expensive and overly complicated street design tweaks based on a principle that the larger street grid design should not function here. This isn’t new urbanism – this is suburbanism.

  • Lawrence: We talked about this at the TAC meetings. CDOT says they’re not planning to stripe a left turn lane, but since they’re removing the bus stop and some parking on the westbound side, that there will be passing space on the right.