Today’s Headlines for Monday, June 6

  • Neighbors Want Safety Improvements for Intersection Where Trucker Killed 7-Year-Old Girl (DNA)
  • Muggers Place Bike in the Path of Cyclist on Lakefront Trail, Causing Him to Crash (CBS)
  • Hundreds Turn Out for The Bloomingdale Trail’s One-Year Anniversary Party (DNA)
  • DNA Asks 606 Anniversary Revelers to Describe the Trail in One Word
  • Better Government Association Looks at The 606 Gentrification Issue
  • $515K Loft for Sale Spitting Distance From The Bloomingdale Trail (Curbed)
  • German Mayor Teases Chicago Think Tank for Offering Car Ride to O’Hare After Climate Talk (Forbes)
  • Metropolitan Planning Council Adds 3 New Staffers
  • Elston Curb-Protected Protected Bike Lane Is Taking Shape (CDOT)
  • More on Amish Biking: KY Official Says “Bicycles Are Rampant” Due to Increased Use by Amish (
  • Lots of Events on the Lakefront Trail This Month (Active Trans)
  • On 6/17 South Side Critical Mass Holds Ride to Mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day

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  • Chicagoan

    The wretched “Addison & Clark” development in Wrigleyville is set to start on June 15th, per DNAinfo. 148 apartments and 146,000 square feet of retail spaces is nice, but the 400 parking spots is ridiculous. I see that a lot of it is for the retail elements, but for all of the space the development is taking up, I think they should’ve had 300 apartments/150 parking spots.

  • Anne A
  • cjlane

    “a lot of it is for the retail elements”

    Also, 300 spots, at $40 per Cubs game = $1m per year. So there’s that aspect, too.

  • Chicagoan

    I was trying to find how the parking spots are being broken down, among Cubs fans, private residences, and retail.

    Do ya have a link?

  • Kevin M

    Adding automobile parking capacity for Wrigley Field:
    Good for environment, air pollution? No
    Good for public safety? No
    Good for private developer and land owner? Yes

    Lose-Lose-Win. Yay for capitalism!

  • Chicagoan

    Also, per DNAinfo, the development will have three floors of retail, two floors of parking, and four floors of apartments (bottom up). That must be a wide deck, to shelve around 400 cars on only two floors.

  • cjlane

    I don’t; that was just speculation, based on 2/3s of the renters renting a spot, too, and the rest being fully available for game days.

  • cjlane

    Could’ve gotten an ordinance that prohibits charging ‘event day’ rates in garages X-distance from Wrigley (that is, whatever the rate is in January, that’s the rate all year). Would have changed the incentives, and likely would have reduced the parking count.

  • BlueFairlane

    Here’s a fun bit of journalistic inaccuracy that makes me wonder about the integrity–or at least competence–of one of your linked content providers. The “KY Official Says …” story quotes a couple of officials it claims to be from Daviess County, KY, about the hundreds of Amish running around county roads on bicycles. A couple of things popped out at me.

    First, Daviess County, KY is located on the south banks of Ohio River about a hundred miles downstream from Louisville. Its county seat is Owensboro, a city of about 55,000 (Kentucky’s fourth largest) where I happened to live most of the first 30 years of my life. Thanks to this personal knowledge, I know there are no Amish in Daviess County, Kentucky. You have to cross the river and drive up to Loogootee to find any Amish. Further, I know neither of the officials quoted are associated with Daviess County, Kentucky. Google then reveals that both individuals are associated with Daviess County, Indiana, a county located about 70 or 80 miles north of Daviess County, Kentucky. These people are HOOSIERS!

    I would post a comment on the article itself (where people are having a great time laughing at the wrong state), but I don’t feel like registering for it.