Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 27

  • Bucktown Neighborhood Greenways May Include Traffic Circles, Bumpouts (DNA)
  • BRT Proposed for Nearby Gary, Indiana (Active Trans)
  • CTA May Cut Service on #10 Bus Since Science Museum Is Pulling Funding (DNA)
  • 2 Suspects Charged With Felonies for Attacking 19-Year-Old Woman on Blue Line (NBC)
  • Train/Car Crash at Brown Line’s Rockwell Station, No Serious Injuries (Tribune)
  • When Brown Line Trains Make At-Grade Crossings, They’re Dangerously Quiet (DNA)
  • DUI Crackdown in Albany Park This Weekend (DNA)
  • UIC Study Is a 1st Step in Creating “Level of Service” for Ped/Bike Infrastructure (Next City)
  • Check Out This Commute Visualization Map of Cook County (Chicagoist)
  • An Update on Bloomingdale Trail Etiquette Tips (DNA)
  • The Chainlink Seeks Ambassadors to Help Promote the Cyclists’ Social Networking Site
  • Slow Roll Leads The Recyclery Ride, Wednesday 6/1, 6:30, Leaving From 7628 N. Paulina

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  • That Trib article about the train/car crash at Rockwell completely left out that the driver of the car went around the gates because she thought they were just down for testing because trains “normally go choo choo”. Seriously.

    She admitted fault… was she ticketed? License suspended? You can just disrupt train service and send people to the hospital with no reprimand…?

  • Chicagoan

    DNAinfo’s coverage is deplorable, too. They didn’t mention that the conductor had to go to the hospital for injuries. She thought the gates were down for a kind of test.

  • Pat

    I’ve always wondered who pays when things like this happen. Any damage and/or overtime required to clear the tracks should be borne by her and her insurance.

    When a car crashes into a guardrail on LSD and requires it to be replaced, who pays? I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the taxpayer.

  • david vartanoff

    idiot driver should be sued for damage to the train, health care for the injured train operator. and license suspended for a year.

  • Chicagoan

    I’m glad she’s okay, but my word, her behavior was quite moronic.

    She put the lives of others in danger, as well as her own.

  • david vartanoff

    About the #10: It is CTA’f job to connect riders to the Museum. Rather than shaking down the Museum, CTA should be distributing bus schedules to hotels to drum up more ridership. Even I who love MED, tend to use the #10 if I am in the Loop because it comes more often.

  • asdf

    The 6 comes even more often! But it can be completely packed.

  • Fred

    Illinois just doubled the fine for going around the gates so this should never happen again, right?

  • planetshwoop

    I often wonder how much of parking fees is a revenue source for museuems.

  • Is the #10 a coverage route or a ridership route? It sounds like it is a coverage route that does not meet the standards for a ridership route. As a coverage route then it needs to compete against all the other coverage routes based on the criteria that coverage routes are judged.

    It sounds as if the CTA does not believe that the #10 deserves to be included in its coverage route budget. In that case asking to Museum to pitch in is quite appropriate in my view.

  • david vartanoff

    The ideal would be the MED restored to 15′ headways in base day (from AM to PM rush which covers the Museum’s hours). and extra runs of the 55 as a shuttle from the Electric to the Museum. (assumes that the Gray Line/ Gold Line fare integration of MED). As a marketing ploy for tourists, a one day pass good for either the Pullman or MSI including transport at a combined price. Maybe a discount coupon with hotel registration? FWIW my perspective comes from multiple hours at MSI as a youth during summers when visiting the relatives in South Shore. Whenever I talk to anyone planning to visit Chicago, I recommend MSI as the most important place to go.

  • I confess to ignorance about south of Congress transit and other realities. While I have lived long enough to pile up a decent enough south side resume, most of it is woefully out of date. As a high schooler I rode the el to Stoney Island to visit MSI (Museum of Science and Industry, yes?). In college I used the 63rd street station of the IC on occasion. To earn money for college I worked at a factory at 60th and Western and took the el to the end of the line at Loomis. And around those times I occasionally used the IC (MED now yes?) to get to 47th street to visit a friend. It truly saddens me to see so many stations gone and headways way too often an hour.

    I recently had the chance to drive around the 31st street area between the lake and the green line. How disheartening to see so much grass where there ought to be quality urban density a la Jane Jacobs.

    So I guess I am totally with you in spirit for your thoughts on the kinds of things to do south of Congress transit wise.

  • Anyone trying to make brown line trains louder on their street-level end of the route will hit ENORMOUS objections from nearby residents — and quite rightly so.

    Crossing gates are obvious and uniform. Even IF they were “only testing them”, that’s no legal excuse to drive around and through.


Today’s Headlines for Monday, May 18

LSNA Calls for Property Tax Controls to Help Keep The 606 From Displacing Residents (DNA) 294 Killed in Illinois Crashes So Far This Year, 15 More Than This Time  in 2014 (Tribune) CTA Contract Worker Electrocuted While Doing Work on Brown Line Tracks (Tribune) 2 Women Injured, 1 Critically, in Elgin Right-Angle Crash (Sun-Times) Activists Hold “Black Lives […]

Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, May 19

Yellow Line Will Be Closed for Several Days Due to Embankment Collapse (Tribune) Why Are There Almost No P-Streets in African-American Communities? (City Notes) Leaks & Crumbling Concrete at Train Stations Are Causing Hazards for Metra Commuters (CBS) Post-Prom Crash Kills 2 in Calumet City (Tribune) Driver Fatally Strikes Bicyclist in Kane County (Tribune) Man […]

Today’s Headlines

Tribune Investigation: Red Light Cams Unfairly Tickets 1000s of Drivers Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Tickets Issued by Redflex Cams (DNA) Editorial: To Be a World-Class City, Chicago Must Have First-Rate Transit (Sun-Times) 2 Years After Big Fare Hike, Metra Board Will Discuss Raising Ticket Prices Again (Tribune) City Officials Trying to Ease Tensions Between Cops […]

Today’s Headlines for Thursday, July 2

City Officials Discuss the Nitty-Gritty of How the Argyle Shared Street Will Work (DNA) More of the Yellow Line Embankment Needs to Be Replaced Than Previously Thought (Tribune) What It’s Like Living in a Building That May Get Demolished for the Belmont Flyover (DNA) Beverly Crash-and-Grab Is the 3rd One in the Region This Week […]

Today’s Headlines for Friday, June 12

City Announces More Than 150 PlayStreets Block Party Events to Get Kids Moving (Public Health) Slow Roll, Active Trans, CCC Ask Cyclists to Take “2 Wheels, 1 City” Pledge for Bike Equity In the Wake of Fatal Michigan Ave, Bus Crash, CTA Plans to Overhaul Driver Training (Tribune) 1 Dead, 2 Critically Injured in Single-Car […]

Today’s Headlines for Thursday, November 19

In the Wake of Tribune Speed Cam Expose, Sun-Times Editorial Calls for Review of Program Emanuel on Cams: “When System Makes a Mistake, People Get Their Checks Back” (CBS) Surprise: John Kass, the Guy Who Blamed Cyclists for Doorings, Hates Speed Cameras (Tribune) More Coverage of the Sentence for the Drunk Driver Who Killed Hector Avalos […]