Today’s Headlines for Thursday, May 5

  • Curbed: Lucas Plan Died on “May the Fourth” — Here’s a Timeline of the Saga
  • Kamin, Trib Editorial Board Blast Emanuel, Lucas for Their Museum Strategy
  • Judge: It’s Up to Chicago City Council to Resolve Taxi/Ride-Share Disparity (Tribune)
  • Police Pursuit Leads to Multiple Crashes, Ends With Suspect Crashing Into Building (ABC)
  • Red Line Trains Were Rerouted After Woman Fell on Tracks (ABC)
  • Aerial View of the LSD-Stevenson Interchange Project (DNA)
  • 45th Ward PB Ballot Includes Bike Lanes on Austin, Ped Facilities (DNA)
  • Ideas for Finkl Steel Site Include Movie Studio, Tech Campus (DNA)
  • Chicago Mag Looks at the Turn-of-the-Century Debate Over Women’s Cycling Attire

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  • Chicagoan

    Ms. Hobson’s comments about it being for the kids are complete and utter crap. Desperation must be high. I imagine the reason that Mr. Lucas is yet to take it some place else is that he’s not keen on starting the whole process over once more.

    Could San Francisco actually take it back after Mr. Lucas left them before?

    Take it to Oakland and be done with it.

  • About the interchange photos: I thought the Jane Byrne is the Interchange Formerly Known As The Circle? These photos are of the LSD/I-55 ramps by McCormick.

  • JKM13

    But museums are for kids. I’m bummed I won’t be able to take mine there now, all to protect an expensive lakefront parking lot.

  • BlueFairlane

    But, as the Friends of the Parking Lots will tell you, this isn’t about protecting that patch of fenced-in pavement shoved between two really big buildings and facing a harbor only open to rich people. It’s about protecting Chicago knee-jerk insular hatred of anything or anyone from Outside, and this city’s automatic fear that any successful Outsider is going to put one over on them.

    I do hope Lucas gives it up and goes someplace reasonable soon. I want to go to that museum, even if it means I have to spend money in some other city as a tourist.

  • Chicagoan

    I really don’t think I’ve heard Mr. Lucas referred to as an outsider, even once.

    I think Blair Kamin hits the nail on the head yet again:

  • BlueFairlane

    Yeah, I saw that link up above.

    And I’ve heard Mr. Lucas referred to as an outside–either explicitly or as subtext–throughout this debate. A lot of the Chicago people I’ve spoken to about this don’t even realize they’re doing it, but they are.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    Agree with the mayor or not, in 10 years there will still be plenty of parking because that parking lot is not going anywhere! I’m glad the BMWs and Mercedes will be safe while their owners go to their yachts.

  • Chicagoan

    The thing that gets me is that Mr. Lucas wants a lake front site (I get it, he’s putting tons of cash into this, wants a grand plot of land), but the original site really isn’t very nice.

    It’s squeezed right in there, next to a monolithic convention center space and a parking space. It’s quite removed from the Museum Campus. If I could choose a proper site, I’d pick the site of the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion. Then, it’s close to the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium aren’t too far either. Mr. Lucas’ chosen site just doesn’t really feel like an addition to the Museum Campus.

    The Michael Reese site is the way to go.

  • BlueFairlane

    If the parking lot is a non-starter for the Friends of the Parking Lots, can you imagine the uproar if the city tried to put it on the Pavilion site? That just got done being an airport.

    The original site isn’t very nice for the exact reasons you cite for not wanting to put a museum there … there’s a parking lot shoved between two big buildings. Put a museum and several acres of green space there, and you take care of that problem.

    And I’d argue that the spot doesn’t feel like part of the museum campus for a similar reason, because it’s a parking lot. Putting a museum there fixes that. Meanwhile, the site is 2,900 feet from the Field, which sounds like a lot until you consider that the Shedd is 2,400 feet from the Field, and the Art Institute is 4,300 feet from the Field. (And remember that if Friends of the Parking Lots had been around a hundred years ago, none of those institutions would exist.)

    I know a lot of people in this city desperately want to unload the Michael Reese property, but if you oppose the original site because it’s not very nice, I don’t see how putting it on the other side of an expressway and a bunch of railroad tracks makes it any better.

  • Chicagoan

    Friends of the Parks wasn’t around back then, but A. Montgomery Ward was and he was lambasted in a way comparable to how F.O.T.P. is nowadays.

  • BlueFairlane

    Montgomery Ward was dead by the time the city allowed all these private museums to locate on the lake front. He’d already fought his fight. The city let it happen anyway.

  • JKM13

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • what_eva

    I don’t think it even gets used by the harbor, there’s another lot on the other side (on Northerly Island) for the harbor. The lot that has been preserved only gets used for Soldier Field events, so like 10 Bears games and a handful of concerts and stuff.

  • It’s the tailgating lot.

    I remember a lot of SCREAMING AND FLAILING from the Bears-fan community the last time someone suggested burying the lot and putting a park on it. Because apparently you can’t tailgate in a garage. Or somewhere else offsite and then come in to watch the game.

  • what_eva

    You can’t grill in a garage, which is often a component of tailgating.

    As far as offsite goes, I’ve tailgated in the McCormick Place lot (south of the south building) a few times and we were far from the only ones. It’s a bit of a hike from there to the stadium and it seems much longer after the game.

    Northwestern is a similar story, the parking lots by the stadium aren’t big enough for everyone. Lots of people use various parking lots on campus to tailgate and then walk or take shuttle buses to the stadium.