Today’s Headlines for Friday, April 8

  • Chicago Man, Uber Driver Dead After Crash With Allegedly Drunk Firefighter (ABC)
  • 1 Seriously Injured After Motorist Crashes Into Walgreens in Garfield Ridge (Tribune)
  • Driver Slams Into House in W. Norwood Park — Miraculously, No Injuries (WGN)
  • The Blue Line Will Bypass the Addison Stop for the Next 3 Weeks (NBC)
  • Harrison Bridge May Reopen Soon After Being Closed for 2 Years (DNA)
  • Six Corners Launches Bike-Friendly Business District (Active Trans)
  • Logan Square’s “L” Development Will Have an Actual ‘L’ Car on the Roof (Tribune)
  • New Play Includes A Scavenger Hunt by Foot, Wheelchair, or Bike (DNA)
  • New Chance the Rapper Video Features Brown Line, Divvy, Riverwalk (DNA)
  • A Crazy Danish Guy Is Running to Chicago — Sorry, It’s Not Mikael Colville-Andersen

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  • Kevin M

    Re: “accident”

    Yeah, this guy accidentally tripped and fell and drank a bunch of alcohol and got into his motor vehicle and drove in to on-coming traffic. Gee, what an unlucky fella.

    And, what the heck does his “firefighter” profession have *anything* to do with this story? It completely unnecessarily keeps the reputation of this killer (by reckless homocide) protected under the dignity of being a brave public servant. I hope he goes to jail for a long time and loses his drivers’ and firearms license.

    Absolutely terrible coverage by ABC.

  • Christopher Murphy

    I don’t know why Active Trans and the Portage Park Business Assoc keeps patting themselves on the back for doing things backwards. Bike corrals and murals does not make for a more bike friendly area. Cicero and Irving Park Rd are two streets I would never ride on. Milwaukee ave still has NO bike infrastructure and the Six Corners intersection is still prohibitively dangerous for anything not on four wheels and encased in steel.

  • rohmen

    Not saying the ABC coverage is good, but I feel like these articles often reference that the offender was a firefighter (or cop) to highlight an enhanced level of culpability, not diminished. It’s kind of a “this person should no better” tag in my mind, as firefighters are first responders and see first hand what DUI’s cause. I mean, the guy’s attorney spins it obviously, but that’s not surprising.

  • BlueFairlane

    Exactly so. To me, seeing that a guy who does this works in public safety makes him even more disgusting, not less.