Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, March 8

  • Despite Police Claim, Trust for Public Land Says 24/7 Commuting on The 606 Is Legal (DNA)
  • Toronto’s Low-Ridership Airport Express is a Cautionary Tale for Chicago (Crains)
  • CTA Will Announce Who Won $2B Rail Car Contract at Tomorrow’s Board Meeting (Crain’s)
  • Durbin, Kirk, and Lipinski Get Behind Movement to Unblock 19th Ward RR Crossing (DNA)
  • Jason Gonzales, Another Rauner-Backed Democrat, Grandstands Against Traffic Cams (YouTube)
  • Active Trans: Send a Letter to Your State Rep Asking Them to Support Safe Routes Funding
  • Demand for Single-Family Homes Is Depopulating North Side Neighborhoods (WBEZ)
  • Trunk Driving: Intoxicated Motorist Pulled Over With Tree Embedded in Hood of Car (Sun-Times)
  • New Play “Ride” Looks at the Aftermath When a Bike Shop Owner Is Fatally Struck (Active Trans)
  • Hearing in the Cann Case This Friday, 11 a.m. at 26th and California, Rm. 301 (The Chainlink)
  • West Town Bikes Hosts Annual “Heels on Wheels” Fundraiser for Girls Bike Club on 3/26 at Intuit

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  • Jeff Gio

    Next streetsblog meet at the theater to see “RIDE”

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I’m going on Friday 3/18 at 7:30. All SBC readers are welcome to join me! I suggest buying a ticket in advance to make sure you get a seat:

  • Chicagoan

    That WBEZ article is a worthwhile read, thanks John.

    In neighborhoods like Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Lincoln Square, where single-family homes are in very high demand, the only possible way forward (making these places an option for the renter) is lots of TOD.

    Ashland, Clark, Lincoln, and Western. These thoroughfares need to be packed with TOD developments. The TOD Alderman Pawar supported on Western is a great start. Despite all of the TOD development in this city, there’s still opportunity for a lot more. Go on Google Maps and look at the area around the Western Avenue Brown Line station, there is still a lot of surface parking.

    It’s funny, b/c this is just what Chicago needs, in some ways: people making an investment in the city by becoming homeowners. These people are paying taxes in Chicago, shopping in Chicago, and using the school system in Chicago. The benefits are numerous. But, in some ways, these homeowners are holding their neighborhoods back.

    They purchase a single-family home on a residential block and desire for suburbia starts to happen. They become anti-renter and anti-TOD, but pro-empty lot and pro-parking. Going back to the TOD that Alderman Pawar supported, it was a wretched car-lot called “Maya Motors”. How is that better than a TOD with first-floor retail? These people get an idea of a city utopia in their minds, even though it’s a contradiction of just how a neighborhood should really feel.

    Alderman Pawar is a strong member of the City Council. I think he’s right in deciding that he can’t stem the tide of deconversion in that ward, as the neighborhood school system is just too good. But, what he can do is support TOD development wherever possible to make his ward a realistic rental option.

    More alderman could learn from Pawar.

  • FPJ

    If only we could revise the zoning code so that 1) most of Chicago’s existing buildings were in compliance (because they are not) and 2) have parking-light TODs be the norm not the exception. Large parts of the city are currently zoned single family even though they are, for historical reasons, much denser. So, any teardown developer finds it much easier to downgrade from multi- to single-family than to upgrade or even maintain the number of units. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but — damn — the policy of undoing the very thing that makes Chicago an exciting city in the first place really irritates me. /rant

  • neroden

    For what it’s worth everyone was warning about Toronto’s airport express and its addled business model which didn’t work. Steve Munro is saying “I told you so”.